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Folding Beds

The Sleepover Solution A folding mattress is almost a necessity for the modern home. Ideal for sudden sleepovers, or in their larger form are suited to minimilist living. Put two of our Maxi Foldaway Mattresses together and they become a decent sized double bed, while acting as pleasing wall seating throughout the day. Our range of foldaways start with the 3 Fold 4" thick with a simple cover elasticated in place.(Seen just below). See how versatile is our 4 fold (4th row down) The 4fold illustrated shows how it can be used in more ways than one. Unfold the whole lot & it`s a 76 inches long mattress. Folded up it`s a footstool/coffee table. Our 3 Fold Foldaway Maxi Mattress was suggested in The Guardian Weekend magazine 6th January 2007. The next 3 fold is 5" thick & has a zipped on cover. The maxi mentioned above is our biggest standard one. The 4 fold is a more versatile mattress. We can also make to measure. To browse our complete range of foldaway mattresses, see below, but remember we can make any colour in any of the different models.

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Page:  1  2   >   >>   View All (23)