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Hassocks and Church Kneelers

As seen in churches throughout Britain. Our church kneelers or hassocks are made from 9lb recon foam. Very tough indeed. Hassocks and Kneelers need to be manufactured from only the best foam. Ours is the best available. Needlework Guilds and groups all over Britain use our very best foam. We can make to any shape or size, any length or thickness, from the best foam available. Here are some churches we have supplied with kneelers, you may like to visit them to see our products. Holy Cross Church, Bignor with 70 church kneelers with hanging ring St Mary's Episcopal Church, Dalkeith with Communion Rail Kneelers. St Albans, Splott, Cardiff St John's Church, Pool Quay, Welshpool The Minster Centre, Southwell St Augustine's Priory, Ealing St Tyrnog, Llandyrmog SSAFA Forces Help Why not ask for a free quotation? If you are interested in purcasing some kneelers, we can send out a sample for you to inspect.We are happy to make one kneeler or a thousand!