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New Settee Cushions

The cushions below are typical of the many we replace every day, these are from a large Tetrad settee. They are a combination of top quality foam with a layer of polyester wrap to give the plumped up appearance.

Made to Measure Foam Settee Cushions

Above is a pair DFS settee cushions, as filled by Safefoam! Made to Measure Foam Settee CushionsSee how we can match your covers with a footstool if you wish!

Made to Measure Foam Settee Cushions

Made to Measure Foam Settee Cushions

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Dimensions: any size

Made to Measure Quality Cushions for any Shape or Size.

Below are some new cushions. There is a big settee cushion, part of a Tetrad suite, plus an assortment of scatter cushions. (any size available).

Made to Measure Items are shown without price:
Please contact us for a free quotation.
We manufacture Made to Measure Settee Cushions for lots of Satisfied Customers.
Our Replacement Cushions are made from only the best foam and or fibre available. If you would like to see a bigger selection of pictures click here