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Special Interiors

Some special interior design work here. London based Interior Designer Martin Fears commisioned us to fulfil this fabulous contract.

Made to Measure Foam & Fibre Cushions & Reupholstery Work

Looks good! We are pretty pleased with everything.The right hand side of the fireplace. This is even bigger than the other side, and incorporates an attractive divider/backrest. Seen above are the paper patterns/templates plus the pre upholstered divider. Attention to detail is Martin's forte,  can you see the hole in the top of the back rest? That is for bottles of wine for during the recital!The Backrest before upholstery.These cushions are so big. There is plenty of room for stopovers too.The solid backrest is fixed firmly in place, now let's hear the music!The Dining Area is huge. The cushions fit the curvacious seating pattern. The foam used for all of the job is Reflex by Vitafoam. In addition we have used a fibre wrap to give the full & comfy look. The fabric we supplied for this beautiful design is again by Romo and is called Buckskin FR Meadow Mist 3869/16. Martin designed & crafted the Table. It has a leather look, heat resistant fabric top.When both rooms were finished, the client was left with a good quality sofa, but in the wrong colour & with the old sagging feather cushion problem.We restyled the settee to the request of the client. All of the feather cushions were replaced with a foam & fibre combination. In fact the seat cushions were made to match exactly the Living Room cushions above. As before, these are Reflex Foam by Vitafoam. The fabric of course is the same as the Living Room, Romo Buckskin FR Smoke Blue 3869/26. Look at the quality stiching style.

Made to Measure Foam & Fibre Cushions & Reupholstery Work

Made to Measure Foam & Fibre Cushions & Reupholstery Work

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We recently were commissioned to work for Martin Fears, London. His Interior Design work is spectacular.
Martin uses lots of sumptuous curves in his design.

Our man on the move went to meet Martin on site at his project in Dulwich.
Our first involvement was in the Lounge & the Dining Room. Here were some spectacular seating areas, in fact designed to accomodate guests in the lounge for music recitals. The beautifully shaped double sided back rest is a remarkable design. We brought that back with us for in-house upholstery work. The remainder of the seating comprised of smootly shaped mattresses, upon which stopover guests could sleep. Martin provided us with perfect templates from which we made the huge cushions. The two sided back rest had a top shelf where guests could place their drinks. The dining area was also made up of lovely shaped cushions which we supplied and covered in a green Romo fabric.
When we delivered everything, Martin asked could we possibly revamp the old settee. This of course is bread and butter to us! We discarded the old feather cushions and restyled the settee somewhat, so that it was now matching the Lounge Area. Everybody was pleased, including us! Our man on the move is proud that his van has made it onto the internet, although only through the dining room window........maybe next time.