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Treasure Chest

Treasure Chest

Some of our popular Ercol stuff in early 2018



All the above have been made for customers' orders in early 2018. Some are done in customers' own fabric.


We got a phone call today
from Mrs Peeters. She wanted to say that her Ercol seat & back cushions had arrived safe & sound as promised.

She said how beautifully packed they had been, and just how pleased she was with the lovely quality foam & barrier cloths. You can read a little more about these particular foam cushions below.

31st January

Our customer is letting the property at which this Ercol furniture is to be used.
The old foam needed replacing, but in addition calico covers barrier cloths
had to be fitted to meet the stringent fire & safety regulations.
Safefoam also have to provide the customer with Trading Standard Certificates for the foam & covers.

Ercol Stool cushions, to add the the chair above and the Studio Couch below.

An Ercol Studio Couch going out today to Mrs Peeters.



This section shows some of our latest products


The pictures below show two new footstools in Brown Velour & Royal Blue. You can see them in our shop

The picture below shows a floor cushion, a footstool & a matching scatter in our new Mellow Yellow. We think it will transform the old home office into a fresh and bright room for the new baby! All of the covers are made in our factory, so any of our products can have matching covers. This combination of covers in so many different shades and colours, and so many available products gives 1000's of options. So many to choose that it's impossible for us to show you all the combinations. If you see a colour you like and a product that's not in the colour, simply email us your choice or ring us free on 0800 015 44 33 and ask for further details.

The picture below shows two floor cushions from Safefoam. The props dept.rang Friday 21st November asking for urgent delivery of two floor cushions........ No Problem, these two cushions were on the way by TNT and will be at the Beeb on Monday in time for filming Tuesday! Plus they have the new matching zips..... If you watch East Enders, watch out for our famous floor cushions, they'll be blushing burgundy red!

Imagine Sean moving in for the thrill with Tanya........  Sean prepared for action...... Roxy walks in & says " Hey Tanya I like your new floor cushions, where did you get them then?" "O I got them by mail order. I just Googled floor cushions, spotted that Safefoam were the cheapest & best, ordered them by phone and I got them next day! This burgundy colour will be just right for Christmas! Hey Sean make us all a cup of tea then will you?"

The picture below shows our new policy of using matching zips.

Some of the floor cushions for a charity establishment in Lisson Grove, NW1. All of the cushions display our new policy of using matching zips.

This long list of Replacement Foam Cushions is typical of our daily outgoing customers orders

Welcome to this section which is highly likely to have a cushion similar to yours!

Below is is just one settee`s worth of cushions. Mrs Hancock from Bradcliffe on Trent ordered two settee`s cushions. There were 4 seat cushions, 10 big scatters & 4 small scatters.

And More!

See the domed effect on the leather settee cushion below? This method not only gives

comfort & good postural support, it also looks great & takes out the wrinkles created in

sagging leather cushions.

This cushion is part of a set for Mr & Mrs Ahluwalia in Kent Feb 21st 2008

2 of 4 cushions for Mr Mcgee in Safron Walden.

2 of 4 cushions for the Sherwood family in Oxford.

We got an email from a good customer.
28th November. I just wanted to thank you for all your help, and for doing a great job for us. We’re thrilled with the difference it’s made to the sofa...worth every penny. Quick and efficient and very good value for money. Many thanks. Best wishes,Charles Morrissey.
Thanks Mr Morrisey

A letter from Mr Owens......"I posted my cheque to you on the 10th November and received my replacement cushions on 18th. They are lovely, firm & very comfortable. Thank you all very much for such a prompt and efficient service."
Thanks Mr Owens.

14th November. Mr Goodlad from Brentwood rang to say how pleased he was with the 6 Dining Seat Cushions & green covers we made for him last week. Delighted with the fit, the appearance & the excellent service he experienced! Thank you Mr Goodlad.

3 Bright cushions for Mr Paisley of Southport.

2 of 4 cushions for Mrs Adshead of Derbyshire.

Big settee cushions for Mrs Johnson of Southport.

Big settee cushions for Mr Thomas of Norwich.
Mrs Thomas rang on 18th November, to say that she is pleased with her cushions. She finds them comfortable & supportive.

Cushions for Ms Banwell of Bristol.

Ercol settee cushions for Mr Howarth of Northampton. ( These have Plumbs Covers fitted.)

Massive settee cushions for Mr Lewis of Lightwater.

Cintique Chair Buttoned cushions for Mrs Lord of Edmonton.

Mrs Lord says that she finds the cushions very comfy, and is pleased with our service.

New cushions for Mr Barker of Daventry.

New settee cushions for Mr Sutherland of Caithness. After receiving these two cushions, our customer immediately ordered two more for his other green leather sofa.

New settee cushions for Ms Kilbon of London. Two of four, for her refurbished settee. These were previously collapsing Marks & Spencer cushions. Now better than new!

A beautifully filled cushion for Mr Thompson of East London. One of a pair for his refurbished settee. We used Reflex 400 Pink, 6.5 inches thick + a polyester wrap to give the plumped up look.

Beautifully filled cushions for Mr Mercer of Liverpool. Two of five of these bible edge cushions for his refurbished 3 piece suite. We used our 5* foam at 5 inches thick, + a polyester wrap to give the plumped up look.

Two floral red footstools going out today.Our footstools are top quality but low price

Introduced today Our Black Leather Square Footstool. Looks good. Very serviceable.

Safefoam are selling footstools to many new customers, since the introduction of the square footstool above. It is both lightweight & durable & an asset to many homes. The newspaper pouch has proved very popular. Already many of our footstool customers have written in to show their satisfaction with the product. The round footstool continues to sell as before.

Click here for a further information on Footstools like these.

Thinking of Changing your cushions to Foam?

There are many factors that must be taken into consideration when deciding on replacement foam cushions. At Safefoam we offer foam for safety, foam for durability & foam for comfort. A customer needs satisfaction in the knowledge of safety. Of course all of the foam that we supply meets the requirements of the British Standards for safety. It would be against the law for us to supply any other kind of foam.
Regarding durability, we tend to supply only top quality foam. The customer needs the assurance that having invested in new foam cushions, they are not going to be let down after only a short while, by an inferior foam selection.
Our quality is second to none, for we use only the best foam from the best foam manufacturers.
On the final topic of comfort, we use the most appropriate foam for the thickness required. In addition, foam for back cushions is always softer than foam for seat cushions. In the years of experiance we have developed the skills to know which foam is best for the different situations.

In addition to selling foam cushions, we also provide foam wedges for a variety of support situations, and foam for pressure relief, in the form of our egg box overlay mattresses, & our visco elastic foam

Foam cushions, unless carefully selected, can be very uncomfortable. At Safefoam we will supply only top quality foam, and the most appropriate foam for the useage.

29th March

We got 2 emails today!
Mr Hills says "Just a short note to thank you for the prompt (and safe) delivery of my order as requested in our telephone conversation of a week ago. It is such a pleasure these days to deal with a truly customer driven company. I shall certainly recommend you and your company to my friends and acquaintances."

& Mrs Matthews says "Sorry this is a late response but just wanted to thank you and the team for your excellent service. Dave and I are really pleased with our made to measure seat pads and our chairs look like new now. We have your number on file and will recommend you to our friends and will not hesitate to use your service if required again."

The right place, the right foam.

If you are looking for foam, you have come to the right place. Soft foam for backs, supportive foam for seats. Comfortable foam for both. Foam for boats, foam for caravans, foam for Church Pews, foam for mattresses and foam for booster cushions. We supply seat cushions and back cushions for all kinds of household furniture. In addition we can replace cushions for caravans, boats & barges.
15th March

A fantastic fit for these foam & fibre cushions. Two more big settees. Mrs Demitriou will be sitting in comfort tomorrow.
15th March

A fantastic fit for these foam & fibre cushions. Two more big settees, these will be very comfortable, for our customer in Cleckheaton.

Although Safefoam is well known for foam, foam products, foam cushions etc., we have thousands of satisfied customers who have purchased our Topper Pads, otherwise known as Mattress Toppers, Mattress Topper Pads, Overlay Mattresses or Mattress Overlays. There are so many names for the same product! In addition we sell lots of our Magic Pillows. These have proved to suit lots of our customers with neck pain. Other names for this pillow are the Orthopaedic Pillow, the Neck Pillow, Therapy Pillow or the Support Pillow.
24th February

Another Pair of foam cushions for our Walthamstow customer plus another scatter cushion.

Fantastic fit for these foam cushions for Mrs Forest in Coventry

These two Reflex foam cushions are massive, going out to Mrs Barrett in Rayleigh.

23rd February

We got an email today!
Mrs Harper says " Thank you very much for your excellent service and foam cushions that I received from Safefoam. The cushions arrived today as you said, they are excellent quality....It feels like a new sofa too!"

22nd February

We really can cut any size or shape of foam cushion.

Put the foam shapes above together & see what happens. A Gazebo cushion.

21st February

We got another email today!
from a lady customer on the Isle of Mull. She is pleased with her pillows. But more so with our service. She ordered her pillows last Wednesday lunchtime & received them Friday. Mull is a long way away! Well done Royal Mail also.

21st February

A fantastic fit for these foam & fibre cushions. Backs and seats,for Mr Brothwood in Taunton.
21st February

Look how well the lug fits into one of Mrs Honeyford`s 4 foam settee seat cushions. Off to Frodsham today.
It is clear that many of our customers buy replacement foam cushions for their settees or chairs. But we supply lots of replacement foam cushions for caravans, foam for boats and foam for barges. 21st February

DFS settee belonging to one of our customers in Norwich.

17th February

Just two of many of our five star cushions for the Patterson family that went out today. Look at the good fit. The new foam cushions will transform the chairs & settees in their home.
16th February

We got another telephone call today!
This was from Mr Waters in Boston. He`d ordered an overlay mattress yesterday afternoon, and was surprised when the delivery arrived at 09.30 this morning. He said that he was dumbfounded!

15th February

A pile of Scatter cushions for the two settees of the Turner family in Runcorn.

15th February

Just a Pouffe Top in Reflex quality foam. But part of a set of cushions going out today to The Spencer family. You will be sitting in real comfort soon.
15th February

One of a set of four foam cushions going out to a customer in Walthamstow.

14th February

A Valentine set of cushions for Mrs Turner. Two big settees with new Reflex foam cushions.By tomorrow night the Turner family will be sitting in new found comfort.

12th February

What`s this then? Just found on one of Saturn`s moons? House Beautiful for modern Eskimos? No it`s just another odd shape we recently produced. It is true when we say that we can cut foam to any shape, size or thickness!

11th February

Good News for Safefoam today. We secured a contract for supplying doctors in Oxfordshire with test pieces of special foam for accessing toddler development. Picures to follow.

10th February

Dispatched today

Four Substantial Floral Foam Seat Cushions, filled with Reflex Pink, 6.5 inches thick top quality foam and wrapped with polyester, for Mr Blythin in Warwickshire.

Lovely Big Settee Cushions, Reflex top quality foam and wrapped with polyester, for Mrs McDevitt of Wimbledon.

Good Supportive Back Cushions, filled with a soft & gentle top quality foam, then wrapped with polyester, for Mrs Weston of Milton Keynes.

We got another email today!
from the lady at Saatchi & Saatchi. see 2nd February below. She is pleased with her overlay. She finds it very comfy! She also said how well packed it was on arrival. She thanked us for sending it to her works address, and all in all we have a very happy customer.

7th February

We produce hundreds of cusions like this with calico covers. These calico covers are treated for fire retardancy.

Good supportive cushion, filled with a firm foam, for Mrs Freidheim in Berkshire.

Cream leather cushions going out to Mrs Austin in Liverpool.

Four big comfy cushions going to Mr Matthews in Tamworth.

4th February

Mrs Smith was very pleased this morning, when our White Van Man delivered these lovely foam cushions to her home at Cherry Tree in Blackburn. He fitted them, one to the chair, & two to the settee. She said that one of her friends is so pleased with our service, that when her puppy has stopped chewing things, she also will buy new foam cushions from Safefoam. Thank you for passing on the good word Mrs Smith.

Mrs Forbes sent only one of her settee cushions, but you can see just how well our Reflex foam cushion fitted. The Reflex 400 Pink is top grade stuff, and makes for exceptional comfort when cushions are about six inches thick.
There is more to read about Reflex at the very bottom of this page. (A long way down!)
Click here for a further information on Settee Cushions like these.

This attractive cushion cover is filled to perfection. Comfort is on the way for Mrs Dalton.

3rd February

Two of Eight cushions for Mrs Alili, from Two settees. + Chair cushion below.

Well filled Chair cushion for Mrs Alili.

3 of 6 massive settee cushions going out to Mr Kay in High Wyckham. They looked really good!

2nd February

We got an email today!
from Saatchi & Saatchi, honestly we did!

More precisely it was from a lady working there. She needed an Overlay Mattress off our website, PDQ (as they say in advertising). Could we get it to her within just a few days?
We assured her that it would leave same day.........It did. We thank her for her praise "Thanks for the great service" is what she said. "Thanks for taking time out to show us your gratitude" is our answer.

If your bed is too hard, you too can benefit from using the "Overlay Mattress", Click Here to find out.

1st February

All these cushions & more left here today

These stunning cushions look so good now refilled for Mrs Kenrick in top quality Reflex foam.

Like new again, these 6 Reflex Seat Cushions with a wrap of Polyester for Mr Nabi. He can`t wait to feel the comfort!

One big settee & one small, four big cushions in total. Mr Hoad`s going to be sitting in new found comfort very soon now.

Two Chair Back Cushions

& two Settee Back Cushions for Ms Ashwood. Thank goodness, no more plumping up!

Uncommon, attractive, fashionable colour, plus fabulous fit & comfort.

We do so many of these Ubiquitous Tetrad Settee cushions!
We have so many comfy customers.


27th January

A Plumbs Traditional 100% Cotton Floral Design Cover with
Reflex foam cushion covered in fibre wrap for a Preston Customer.

24th January

Well filled leather back cushions for Mrs Wright in Leeds.

24th January

Two settees` seat cushions
& back cushions Mrs Brader in Surrey.

24th January

Beautifully restored cushions for Mr Worth in Cornwall.

20th January



We got this message today!

My name is Mrs Amy Barrett and I have just ordered some foam from your company, I am just emailing to tell you how impressed I am with the service I received. I found your company on a search engine as I was looking for some foam. I would highly recommend yourselves to any of my friends and family etc.
Thankyou for your good and pleasant service.
Amy Barrett
Mrs Barrett ordered on 17th, we dispatched on 19th. The parcel arrived today!
We thanked Mrs Barrett for her kind comments.

20th January
Some full filled scatter cushions going to Mrs Martin to match her suite cushions below.(scroll down to 17th January).

17th January 2005
Odd Shape foam cushion going out to Mrs Harding at Henley

note cut-out for pipework at back corner of cushion.

17th January 2005

You may wish to to click here To See More Cushions Like These. Beautifully Filled with Reflex Foam for Mrs Martin of Peacehaven.
Please note that these are Plumbs` Stretch Covers.

17th January 2005

You will find even more details of these kind of cushions if youClick Here Dispatched today these quality Seat & Back Cushion for Mrs Morley in Southport.
See how well these new foam cushions fit Mrs Morley`s cushion covers? These cushions will be very supportive, long lasting & comfortable.

10th January 2005 This stylish corner unit was dispatched today to a customer in Guildford.
Note how the cushions look so well plumped up? This is due to the combination of top quality foam and a layer of polyester wrap. Comfort at last, but now no plumping up required.
Aftercare? Maybe turn over the cushions once a week or so. Hassle free comfort. Just as one of our customers, Mrs Hall from Stoke on Trent said, "Life is too short to be forever more plumping up cushions."

11th December 2004 "I have today (Saturday) received the Magic Pillow I ordered by phone from you on Thursday late afternoon. I cannot believe the speed and efficiency!! I must say Thank You for such a great service - I am delighted"

Mrs R Watt. Towcester

You too can benefit from using the "Magic Pillow" Click Here to find out.

13th December 2004 "I am just writing to say thank you very much for the four settee cushions which I received last week. The service was excellent, and I am delighted with the result. This is the first time I have been truly comfortable sitting on my sofas. Again many thanks for your excellent customer service. I would happily recommend your company to anyone.

Yours sincerely"

Ms A Hamilton. Cambridge

Safefoam Foam Cushions have built up a good reputation thoughout the country. Foam seats, Foam Backs, foam for mattresses or church pews, we have a vast array of different types of foam. We are a customer driven company, we thrive on giving good service.

We can supply bespoke foam inserts for any cushion size to replace those worn settee cushions of which you have so longed to be rid.
You could Request a Brochure to find out further details if you wish.

Or if you're feeling confident you can send us your contact details & measurements and well take it from there.

Lots of our new customers come to us by recommendation from friends. If you know anyone needing new cushions, mattress overlays or any of the items on our website, please send them our address so that they can read the website for themselves. Why not Request a Brochure for a friend? Thank you.

Want to know more about foam & foam cushions?
This is an in depth article giving lots of details about foam cushion materials used in furniture. There are many different grades of foam available mainly to upholsterers and furniture manufacturers. Usually foam is produced in huge blocks and sent to Foam Converters (like us) to be cut to specific shapes (like foam cushions etc.).

See how we can overstuff cushions that have previously been feather filled? This makes a well fitting foam cushion that will remain as is, & never need plumping up! See below for many more quality foams to make replacement cushions like these.
Replacement Foam Cushions are our speciality and this section will explain the differing grades of foam available for cushions. It sets out to give a better understanding of what makes a particular foam suitable for various applications. There are not necessarily good foams or bad foams. There are, however, good and bad uses for each particular type of foam which determines your level of satisfaction and comfort with your furniture.

When Do I Need To Replace My Foam Cushions?
If your foam or fibre cushion is older than approx 8 years, or if it has a front edge that’s collapsed, or the seat foam is giving you that sinking feeling, then you must be ready for new foam. The frame of the furniture will be fine. No need for new furniture, just new cushions. Foam production technology has made some very significant advances in the past twenty years.
Foams of varying densities and Hardness ratings are now produced which offer the furniture manufacturer or upholsterer an opportunity to select a specific type of foam based upon its intended use. Foam is rated according to various performance tests. The results of these tests allow an upholsterer to know how the foam will feel and in what ways the specific foam may be used.

All foam or foam & fibre cushions will eventually show signs of wear & tear.
The oncoming of these signs depends on many factors, but the main 3 factors are :-
a) amount of use, b) weight of use, c) quality of foam.

So if the user is a heavyweight and sits all day & night on the same low quality foam cushion, then the cushion will last only a short while, probably less than a year. (This is not our White Van Man).

Equally if the user is a matchstick man or woman, and rarely sits for long periods, & their foam cushions are of top quality, then the foam will probably last a lifetime. (This is not our White Van Woman).

Very often the foam cushion can be the most expensive ingredient of the furniture. Consequently large furniture retailers, always looking for the lowest selling price possible, will reduce the quality of the cushion to keep down the price of the furniture. If your cushions have collapsed in a short time, then you will know for sure that the material used in the cushion is either faulty, or of poor quality. We have built our reputation on using only top quality foam and fibre and we have thousands of satisfied customers who have had all of their sagging settee problems solved. They have come to us for new foam cushions, and are now sitting in comfort, with good support & correct posture. Why put up with discomfort any longer? Come to Safefoam and we really will solve your problem, and that’s guaranteed!

What Makes A Good Foam?
There are two performance tests that are of primary concern in evaluating the suitability of foam.
The first concern is the DENSITY rating of the foam, and second, the HARDNESS (NEWTONS) rating is of equal importance as the foam density rating.
The DENSITY rating of furniture foam is expressed as a number which may range from 18-70. The density rating of the foam material is the best indicator of the quality of the foam. The higher the density rating, the higher the quality of the foam and the longer you can expect it to maintain its shape, comfort and support.
In the production of foam, there are two basic ingredients which are the urethane chemical that is the foam, and air. The more chemical that exists in the foam material, the higher its density rating will be. In the above example, the 18 rating means that cubic metre of foam weighs 18 kilograms. This particular foam is be rather low in density and would not be a good material to use in seat cushions. It may, however, be suitable for back cushions, as back cushions do not need to support your body weight as do seat cushions.

Think about the making of foam in the same way as baking a cake. A light sponge cake has fewer ingredients that a heavy fruit cake. The sponge cake will rise and swell, but will last only a short time, while the fruit cake will outlast the sponge. Just like a cake a lower density foam material will produce more foam material, but it will be much lighter than a high density foam material. This is the reason that high density foam materials cost more. Over the long term the high density foam will perform better and last longer so the additional expense is actually better value than the cheaper low density foam alternative.

It is usually best to select a foam material with the highest density rating available with a Hardness rating to match the needs.

The next area of concern is the HARDNESS (NEWTONS) rating. This is a measure of how much pressure it takes to compress the foam 25% of its thickness. For instance, if your seat cushion is 4" thick and has a HARDNESS rating of 33, it would take 33 pounds of pressure to condense the foam to a thickness of 3". The HARDNESS rating of a foam material will tell you how FIRM the foam is. Some people like their cushions to be very firm while others prefer a very soft cushion that feels like a feather cushion.

A few of the many different foams we use.

There are foam materials to match the preference of every person. It is possible to get a low density foam with a high Newton factor. Packaging often requires this kind of “one off usage” type of foam. In general, the higher the density, the better, while a sort of average Newton number should be sought. However thickness is also an important factor when considering HARDNESS. If a cushion is chosen, of a too low Hardness, then bottoming out will be experienced. Bottoming out on a low density cushion will mean a very short lifespan for the cushion while bottoming out on a high density cushion will not affect the life of the cushion. (Just it’s comfort value). So a happy medium is necessary.

This is all highly technical & boring stuff, but Safefoam is fully experienced in advising on this happy medium. To determine the best HARDNESS rating for your seat cushions you must also consider the thickness of the cushion. If your foam cushions are 4" thick or more then far too high a density could create problems of a too hard to sit on cushion, and your cushions could be too firm for comfort. However if you are replacing the foam cushions in your dining room chairs where the foam thickness is 1-2" thick, then often the highest of density foam material may be the best choice to compensate for the reduced thickness of the foam.

Most of our best replacement settee cushions are produced from Vitafoam`s Reflex foam. We use a variety of Reflex depending on just how thick are the cushions.

A Reflex 400 grey foam seat cushion at 5 inches thick, with a 9 oz Polyester wrap top & bottom. A really comfy, supportive and lasting quality cushion.

Reflex 400 pink foam seat cushion at 6 inches thick, with a 9 oz Polyester wrap top & bottom. An especially comfy, supportive and lasting quality foam cushion. The change of colour is because Pink is softer than Grey. However both of them are top quality foam cushions.

This is Reflex 400 Yellow foam back cushion at 5 inches thick, with a 9 oz Polyester wrap top & bottom. Just about the best, softest & most supportive back cushion we make. Cushions of this quality are rare, except at Safefoam. We make plenty of them!

Reflex expertly buffed to round off the sharp corner.

For our dining room chair foam. we tend to use Vitafoam 40kg foam. We call this our 5* foam. For back cushion foam we use a variety of quality foams, depending on thickness and just how much the customer wants to pay. Carpenter`s 25 White is a quality back cushion foam. But for top quality, again depending on thickness, Vitafoam`s Reflex 300 Yellow is a beautifully soft foam.

For our foam overlay mattresses egg box type, we use Recticel`s 30kg white foam. We have sold thousands of these egg crate overlays and pillows.

For our Ultimate range of overlays we use Recticel`s 37kg, which is an exceptionally soft and gentle foam. We use Recticel foam (36kg) for our top quality Mountain Hut foam mattresses. These have been a great success, giving comfort and durability in some tough conditions.

Our Mountain Hut Mattresses are made to the same top specification as the Wigwam Mattresses we supply to our customer in Scotland. These mattresses need to be comfortable but durable. The combination of quality foam and tough cover give just the right mattress for the circumstance.

We use Visco Elastic (or Memory, or Slow Recovery Foam) in a variety of applications, seen throughout the website. We specialize in foam for comfort, foam for relaxation and foam for good posture. Our main aim is to please our customers. Many of our new customers come to us from recommendations by their friends or families.

Here is what a recent publication from the British Medical Association says about Visco Elastic Foam:-
Pressure relieving surfaces

One systematic review found that foam alternatives to the standard hospital foam mattress reduced the incidence of pressure sores over 10–14 days in people at high risk. One subsequent RCT found no significant difference in pressure sores between a standard mattress and a foam alternative. We found no clear evidence of a “best” foam alternative. We found insufficient evidence on the effects of electric profiling beds, different seat cushions, and low tech constant low pressure supports. Two RCTs identified by a systematic review and one subsequent RCT found that alternating pressure mattresses reduced pressure sores compared with a standard foam mattress or a constant low pressure mattress, but seven other smaller RCTs identified by the review found no significant difference between alternating pressure devices and constant low pressure mattresses. One RCT in people in intensive care found that low air loss beds reduced the risk of new pressure sores compared with standard intensive care beds. One RCT found that low air loss hydrotherapy beds increased the risk of developing a pressure sore compared with a range of support surfaces in people with incontinence. Three RCTs identified by the systematic review found that pressure relieving overlays on operating tables reduced the incidence of pressure sores. One small RCT found that air filled vinyl boots with foot cradles were associated with more rapid development of pressure sores compared with hospital pillows. One RCT found that medical sheepskin overlays reduced the incidence of pressure sores compared with standard treatment in people aged 60 years or more who underwent orthopaedic surgery.

Forgive the medical Jargon above & for RCT read Random Clinical Trial! However the question of whether Visco foam is any use is probably favourably answered above.

If you have read all of this, and digested it well, you may consider an NVQ in foam technology! Thank you for reading about foam cushions, We hope you enjoyed it.
In addition to our range of foam products we are developing a footstool selection. Pouffes or footstools are very popular but tend to be expensive. Our range of lightweight footstools is low cost, but nontheless robust and enduring. The choice of fabrics is almost limitless, and the square footstool with a pouch is proving to be successful.
If you have any questions after studying this,
please contact us by email if you wish,
or by freephone 0800 015 44 33
Or why not Request a Brochure to find out lots more information about foam cushions.


Where is Safefoam? Lots of potential customers in search of a quality foam cushion have asked this question. Well in the summer of 2004, no longer just famous for Replacement Foam Cushions, we also really made it onto the map, big style! We were on the route of the Tour of Britain Cycle Race. WOW! This was excitement.

How exciting? It was down tools exciting that`s all! We appropriately gathered at the sceduled time, we waited & we waited, & we waited even longer. Then suddenly all hell was let loose...........They came...... they went. Just 20 seconds of down tools excitement for the 20 mins wait!
This is what was submitted to the local rag, but to this day has never been printed!

"Three Olympic Medal Winner, Bradley Wiggins, in amongst the Pelaton of the Tour of Britain Cycle Race, as it swept through Riley Green at 2.30pm Thursday 01/09/2004. This is the most exciting thing that’s happened in Riley Green since the Mayor was thrown out of office in disgrace last year!"

For a while we all thought, what`s so good about foam cushions? But as that aromatic moment of WD40 & liniment lunacy began to fade......well occasionally we still catch a whiff, especially when muck spreading doesn`t pervade the air .......we were back in business doing what we do best, wishing we were all good cyclists, guitarists , fell runners, Race for Life Runners and the rest, but proudly knowing full well, that we are good at satisfying our customers!
In case you are wondering...the guy in the pink baseball cap did not claim to be the only gay in the village, nor is he our white van man. He was a true Tour Supporter. There were lot`s of them. So many we could have sold jugs of tea! The village has never seen so many Cosmopolitans as on that day!(he had journeyed all the way from Leyland) We still lean on the farm gate & talk about it.

Our Village Panto came to an end on Thursday 20th Jan 2005. We`d provided our on loan foam cushions for the two weeks of performances. Our White Van Man (above) had starred as one of the Pretty Sisters in Cinderella. I know, but we don`t have anything ugly in Riley Green. We combined his Panto ending with our Safefoam Outing. No we`re not gay, it was just a night out that`s all. We had heard that there was something special on in Lancaster, Friday night 21st January. Off we set, it`s a long way by our village standards, but the White Van Man is used to long journeys, delivering foam and foam cushions to all parts of the Globe. Well, the Globe Theatre at least.
You can read about his visit to the Globe Theatre Click Here to see the inside of the theatre. If you want to see him at the Gates of the Globe, look towards the right towards the top, and click on "Globe Theatre" under "Contract". That is if you can tear yourself away from this exciting tale of foam & foam cushions!

When Safefoam have an outing, we do it proper. Wives & partners can come if they want. They just pay their own way, it seems reasonable. So that`s the White Van Man`s wife above. We stopped at Preston and had a good meal at a low cost place we know well.(Good comfy foam cushions, well we sold them to the place, so we get a discount!) Then off to the Grand Theatre in Lancaster, where The Pilot Theatre Group, on tour from York were acting out of their skins, on a par with our Panto,

and their performance of William Golding`s "Lord of the Flies" was very exciting. There was plenty of blood! The White Van Man came back with ideas for next year`s panto. I found the seat cushions a bit on the hard side, but we don`t ever talk work on our night`s out.

Our Top Glam Model, seen on the website sitting in comfort on our foldaway Foam Mattresses, was our special guest & she brought

a friend she called "Bunny", another of our models, who didn`t seem to be listening to the performance! She did however whinge about the hard foam cushions!
The performance was special & we all enjoyed the night.
"William Golding meets Quentin Tarantino." The Financial Times (Lord of the Flies)
"Energetic and inspirational performances." The Stage
"Miss out on this one, and you’re avoiding one of the most gripping theatrical events for quite some while." Teletext
Notice not one of them mentioned the hard seat cushions?
Wherever will we go next?

Don`t know at this stage, but we will let you know! It will be somewhere that we test out a foam cushion or two, that`s for sure!

Saturday 29th January 2005
Another working weekend for our White Van Man!
He was off early morning to Scotland, with another delivery of mattresses.

These foam mattresses are made for one of our good customers
who manufactures wooden camping buildings.
These camping sites can be seen all over Scotland.

A lay-by stop at this uniquely named village for a quick drink of flask coffee. About ten pence per cup instead of £2.00 at the motorway services.

And these pretty snowdrops by the roadside.

This picture of the Howgills from a
Service Station on the return journey. Our White Van Cameraman had had a good day.
He tends to show off with his digital. We spot it right away, and will give him the appropriate verbal warning!
Really we think he has found a handy Christmas Tree location for his next year`s quick cash deals,
which invariably fail! He could serve time for this sort of malpractice, he is so stupid, will he ever learn? Have you seen him at the Globe Theatre?

Our White Van Man is well aware that, should he put a foot wrong, we already have a couple of recruits in training.

Green Van Trainee (1) is well experianced and is already at the wheel, albeit of the old Morris Minor! But he is doing well. He is also the Mobile Phone expert in our team. It was only through his expertise that we are able to keep track of the WVM. Previously in Scotland he went out of range.....but no more excuses, we have him on a pay as you go as well as his usual Mobile. We keep track of him now wherever he ventures!

Green Van Trainee (2) wears a BMW hat on head, but Movano is in his heart. He is also the Google expert in our team.

White Van Man & Ms White Van. Stop off in cafe on route from Scotland.

We were recently blessed with a visit from our local mayor. He kindly opened the new extension whilst showing all & sundry his paraphernalia.


Matthew, the brains behind our Safefoam office system, is sadly no longer with us.

Like others at Safefoam Matthewliked to run............

and walk. Thank you for all your hard work for us. You will be sadly missed.