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Jigsaw Bed Settee

Jigsaw Bed Settee

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Jigsaw Bed Settee

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Our Price: 275.00
Dimensions: When converted to mattress 75 x 48 x 9 inches

When in place as a seat (as above) it measures 53 x 48 x 18

The Jigsaw Bed Settee....... Price is for the bed only. The bolsters and cushions are extra.

Special Offer Free Fitted Sheet with every Jigsaw Bed order. (Worth £12.99)

If you would like further information why not ring free on 0800 015 44 33 or of course email to sales@safefoam.co.uk

This fabric is particularly appropriate for the jigsaw bed because it has a colourful jigsaw print. However the bed is available in all of our fabrics. See other colours below.

The large bolster is made from our Straight Squeeze Body Pillow, see Body Pillow section down left hand side of screen. The various scatter cushions are from the Scatter Cushion Filler Pad section also down the left hand side of the screen. You can buy these with or without covers. It's best to email your requests regarding matching covers for these items.
You might like bolsters and cushions all in the same fabric as the bed, or indeed a mixture as above.

Simply solve the jigsaw to make a comfy mattress.......