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4Folding Foldaway Mattress 19x25x4 inches Calico

4Folding Foldaway Mattress 19x25x4 inches Calico

Seen above in plain calico4fold one cushion up, as above, place against wall and there's a comfy chair.Makes a comfy lounger with two cushions against wall and two on the floor.So easy to open. Zig-Zag & it's done!Open right out for a comfy mattress.Add a pillow and and you'll soon be asleep!

4Folding Foldaway Mattress 19x25x4 inches Calico

Product ID:

Our Price: 79.95
Dimensions: 76in x 25 x 4

Our Quickest Simple Sleepover Solution.

Our 4fold is a versatile & low cost solution to a variety of problems in many modern homes. Unexpected guest? One of the children having somebody sleep over?

Our 4fold can be used in so many ways, there seems to be no limit! Also, of all of our foldaways, this is lightning fast. No cover to remove, simply unfold the stool straight into a mattress.

Footstool, Coffee Table, chair (against wall), day lounger (power napping perfection) and of course full length mattress.

ALSO AVAILABLE IN CHOICE OF COLOURS. Green,Blue,Red,Beige,Terra Cotta,Ecru,Tangerine & many others. If you wish to order, but cannot see a colour you like, please email us with your choice of colour, or ask for free colour fabric samples.