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Complicated Cushions

Complicated Cushions

Curved and bevelled, these boat cushions are definately complicated........ see more information

These sloping back cushions mitre neatly at their corners. Not all that easy!

Customer's cushion covers. More mitred corner back cushions.



Customer's asked for these massage cushions, covered in wipeable fabric. Top quality high density foam.

Customer's asked for these Pilates blocks, covered in wipeable fabric.

This is the inside of our back support. Look how the undulating foam can help to massage your back.

See the product

We sell lots of these support wedges to Social Services & Health Departments around Britain.

See our Cosy Wedge which is similar.


Window seat made for bay in large room. All we need is a paper pattern.

See further details

We made these 4 cushions which go together to make a comfortable Gazebo.

Some dining room seating for a Welsh pub.

See further info.

A lot of bolsters. We sell these to trade buyers for use in many applications.

See our own bolster page

We sell many different kinds of foam for differing needs of comfort & support.

Read more if you wish

This customer wanted her daughter's bedroom to have a universal appearance!

Shows our 36 x 36 floor cushions next to a standard size wicker easy chair.

It also shows how we can make covers to match.

See more of our floor cushions