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June 2019

June 2019

We enjoy seeing our customer pictures and comments.

Vicki from Warwick

Vicki from Warwick

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Vicki from WarwickVicki from Warwick

Hi Joe

The cushions arrived yesterday and now fit to the chair well. Please see the photo below. Thank you very much for your excellent service.



Vicki bought these Ercol 364 cushions from us & we'd made an error!
We'd got the fixing tapes slightly out of line, making it difficult to fix the back cushion in place.
We picked up the offending cushion & with perfect instructions from Vicki we re-fixed the tapes. The Ercol 364 is a rare model & although we'd done seat cushions previously this was our first full set, including the offending back cushion. All's well that ends well, we're happy that Vicki is pleased, & wrist slapped, we won't make that mistake again. Thank you Vicki for your understanding throughout.

Anne from E14

Anne  from E14

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Anne  from E14Anne  from E14

Dear Joe,
Sorry for the delay in thanking you for the recent items we received.

We were very pleased with the sofa cushions: the refilled back cushions and the new seat cushions which blended in well. Also with the promptness of doing the work and of delivery to us.
We were also thankful for your patience and care when we changed our mind during the process and were undecided about various details.

I took photos to attach to this email but my limited IT skill is causing difficulty in achieving this. I'll therefore send this without further delay but hope to send photos if I can.

I also plan to send a seat cover from another chair for refilling - but am rather slow at "getting down to things". That is why my husband took over the order for the sofa cushions - which I'm glad that he did!

I knew of Safefoam from some 20 years ago when I used consecutively 2 of your "eggbox" mattress overlays, which I believe contributed to my good nights' sleep. I was glad to find that the firm was still around this year and with the product we needed. The extensive collection of customers' personal recommendations & examples was helpful. We would recommend your efficient but friendly service to others too.

Yours sincerely
Anne P (Mrs)

Anne sent us her back covers & we made new seats in a blending fabric.We're all glad to hear all was well & many thanks to Anne for the great pictures.

May 2019

May 2019

We enjoy seeing our customer pictures and comments.

Peter in Glasgow

Peter in Glasgow

Hi Joe,

Pic enclosed & a wee comment.

We are absolutely delighted with our new cushions, the sofa looks fabulous & the covers have been made to an exceptional standard. Thank you!!

Thanks again,


Peter sent us his own fabric for us to make the new cushions shown.
Many thanks Peter for your very kind comments, we are so glad that you are pleased with the new cushions.

Alison from Cambridge

Alison from Cambridge

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Alison from CambridgeAlison from CambridgeAlison from Cambridge

Subject: Thank you

They have arrived and are fantastic! Thanks so much for all your help advice and support. And for the two little extra cushions! If you would like some better photos I can send.
Otherwise just again, thanks for such a professional service.
Alison Nicholson

Alison sent us a substantial order for an Ercol 334 3 seater Settee, 2 334 Chairs & the 341 Footstool.
She chose our Bearwood Beige fabric, we were very happy with the finished items. 3 seater 334's are not very common, so it was pleasing to work on something different. We revised the Ercol traditional style of 3 jumping back cushions and 3 sliding seats, to our popular full mattress and 2 only backs. This way there are less chances of cushions moving all over the place. +++ there is an occasional mattress for stop-overs! Thank you Alison for your kind comments.

Ruth from Blackburn

Ruth from Blackburn

Thank you so much for transforming my beloved ercol daybed. The new cushions and fabric surpass my expectations Your service was second to none.
Thank you again
Ruth Yates

Ruth kindly bought the above cushions from us, we are all so pleased with your kind comments.
Thanks for brightening our working day.

Ruth chose our Balmoral Heather fabric from Porter & Stone. It looks fantastic.

Phil in Bromley

Phil in Bromley

Hi Safefoam
Picture attached.
Great job, I'm very pleased with them. Thanks very much!
Thanks for the extra cushions as well!

Phil selected these two fantastic fabrics from Camira's huge range. The plain fabric is from the Manhattan range & the patterned fabric is from the Honeycomb range.
Something very special about both fabrics, the are produced from re-cycled polyester. Well done Phil, lets all make this special effort & save our planet.

Alex in Oxford

Alex in Oxford

Hello, as promised here is a photo of our new ercol cushions and scatter cushion (which we didn't expect to receive). Thanks very much, we're very pleased with them and they are a big improvement on the ones we previously had!
Best wishes,

Alex bought his own fabric, and had it delivered to us.
It's a Herringbone Woolen Fabric from the-millshop-online.

Abraham Moon Tweed 2002/49 Navy. A lovely soft & sophisticated fabric.

Thank you Alex for your kind words. Helen thought you would like the scatters!

April 2019

April 2019

We enjoy seeing our customer pictures and comments.

Julia from Holloway

Julia from Holloway

Click for large images
Julia from HollowayJulia please don't do this to me! My partner gets upset when we can't have such a beautiful room as yours.Your decor is superb. I'm glad you think that our cushions are worthy!

Hi Joe,

I've just screwed in the parts you've sent me and now the cushion attaches perfectly to the chair! I've attached a couple of pictures as requested.

Thanks so much for your help.

Warm wishes,

Julia sent us her own Heather coloured woolen fabric & we made her these Ercol 305 seat & back cushions. The popper studs on her chair didn't match the press studs on our covers! Now they do!!

Thanks for your kind words Julia, Kind words help us enjoy our work.

Gregg from Nottingham

Gregg from Nottingham

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Gregg from NottinghamGregg from Nottingham

Thanks for all your help and advise. The new cushions are a perfect fit and have transformed the entire room, not just the furniture.


An Ercol Daybed and a couple of chairs in one of our many beige fabrics. In addition Greg asked us to make the back cushions from two contrasting fabrics. + matching scatter cushions. in the two fabrics.
Many thanks Greg for your custom and your very kind remarks.

Alan H from Bridgwater, Somerset

Alan H from Bridgwater, Somerset

Click for large images
Alan H from Bridgwater, SomersetAlan H from Bridgwater, Somerset

Thank you for our order and also thank you to all of you on the Safefoam team who helped us while we considered the choices for the cushions for our Ercol chairs and then turned the order round so quickly, kept us informed and dispatched them in time so that we can use them this week. A super service and the chairs look so much better with the new cushions that we can't bear to let people sit on them! (The mouse holes and tears in the old ones where they had been in store - not to mention the pattern - were a bit off-putting; so the revamp has saved the chairs from the threat of being sent to the tip and my re-springing was worthwhile!)

Best regards
Alan H

A full 203 2 seater suite in one of our many beige fabrics. Thanks Alan for your very kind comments. We really do try our best to please all of our customers.

Mel from Cornwall,Grey 203 piped

Mel from Cornwall,Grey 203 piped

Click for large images
My gorgeous piped grey 203 cushions with flamingo scatter cushion all made expertly by Safefoam.Mel from Cornwall,Grey 203 pipedMel from Cornwall,Grey 203 pipedMel from Cornwall,Grey 203 pipedMel from Cornwall,Grey 203 pipedMel from Cornwall,Grey 203 pipedMel from Cornwall,Grey 203 piped

My gorgeous piped grey 203 cushions with flamingo scatter cushion all made expertly by Safefoam.

Piping really does enhance these lovely covers, so do the flamingo fabric scatters. Thanks Mel for you continued good custom.

Sarah from CF Moller, EC2A

Sarah from CF Moller, EC2A

Dear Bob

Apologies for not having got back to you on this sooner. We are very happy with the result and have really appreciated your help and fast turn around on the order.

Please see attached photos for your information.

Best regards


We are proud to have been selected by International Architects CF Moller for this project in their Seminar Salon. They chose Camira Fabrics AD055 Black from the Advantage range.

Mel W from Cornwall

Mel W from Cornwall

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Mel W from CornwallMel W from CornwallMel W from CornwallMel W from CornwallMel W from Cornwall

More amazing bargains from Safefoam. The quality is superb and they look stunning on this daybed.
Thank you

Mel you really do make our products look better than our photographer does.
Your sense of design and display, with your props of great interest & beauty are much more attractive than our breeze block backing with a painted pallet!

Wyn from Isle of Man

Wyn from Isle of Man

Dear All

Thank you for the cushion which arrived today and is just what I was hoping for.

I attach a photo where you can see the cushion in situ.

Many thanks again

Kind regards


Wyn sent us his own fabric for this Ercol 835 Evergreen chair. The fabric comes from Just Fabrics in Burford in Oxon & is their Cedar/Rouge.
Thanks for your kind comments Wyn. Your cushion really does look lovely, many thanks for your business, we hope you get some more Ercol chairs & come back to us in the future.

March 2019

March 2019

We enjoy seeing our customer pictures and comments.

Mel from Newquay repeat order

Mel from Newquay repeat order

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Mel from Newquay repeat orderMel from Newquay repeat orderMel from Newquay repeat orderMel from Newquay repeat orderMel from Newquay repeat orderMel from Newquay repeat order

Just thought I'd let you know how pleased I am with the cushion for my Ercol Grandfather rocking chair.
I sent Safefoam the old cushion cover for a pattern (they also can work with a paper pattern they send you) and they made me this lovely new grey cushion and cover with new tabs to attach it under the chair.
Thank you again

February 2019

February 2019

We enjoy seeing our customer pictures and comments.

Sally from Exmouth

Sally from Exmouth

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Sally from ExmouthSally from Exmouth

Our ercol daybed base cover and bolsters arrived this morning and they look fantastic.
I've been so pleased with Safefoam service, from your friendly and helpful answering of all my questions, and your patience whilst I dithered about materials etc, to your speedy and professional service, with ease of delivery.
I would definitely use your services again and recommend you to others Many thanks and Best wishes Sally

Sally wanted us to make the covers for her Daybed in her own special fabric. Must say they look brilliant. Sally you have left us all blushing with pride.
We all love your decor too. Many thanks.

Mrs Monger from Evesham

Mrs Monger from Evesham

I would just like yo say a big thankyou for my new cushion and cover for my ercol rocking chair. I am so please with it. Your service is excellent and staff were so helpful. If need be I will use you again and recommend your company to all my friends and family. Thankyou again from a very happy customer.
R Monger

Mrs Monger was unsure of the Model number for her Ercol chair.
It turned out to be a Chairmakers Rocker, Ercol 473. Like the picture but a Rocker. I've pinched Jackie from Stafford's picture. Thank you for your kind comments Mrs Monger.

Heidi from Hamersham

Heidi from Hamersham

Heidi was so delighted with her window seat cushions, that she Interflora'd a fantastic bouquet of flowers for our Helen.

Joe McMorn from Ilkley

Joe McMorn from Ilkley

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Joe McMorn from IlkleyJoe McMorn from Ilkley

"We are very pleased with the quality of fabric and workmanship on the cushions. Everyone we spoke to at safefoam were professional, polite and very helpful. The cushions came in good time so all in all it was an excellent service which I'd recommend unreservedly"

Joe, Many thanks for your kind comments, we do try our best. Your table is fantastic.

Gemma from Preston

Gemma from Preston

Photo of your fabulous work. Gemma

Gemma brought her Ercol 176 Windsor armchair + her own fabric. She wanted new cushions, We'd never seen a 176 before, but found that it was in size, much like the 305. A couple of minor cushion changes and lo & behold. Everybody is happy.

Heather from Stamford

Heather from Stamford

Click for large images
Heather from StamfordHeather from Stamford

Thanks for the fantastic service. Heather

At the same time that we were buttoning the double back cushion for Caroline & Grant from Penrith, in the same fabric we were doing a whole Ercol 203 suite with the good looking Charcoal bolsters. Thanks for your comments and pictures. Your scatters look good too.

Caroline & Grant from Penrith, Cumbria

Caroline & Grant from Penrith, Cumbria

Click for large images
Looking different, but very effective.Caroline & Grant from Penrith, CumbriaCaroline & Grant from Penrith, Cumbriaclose up of the tunstall herringbone and buttonsclose up of seat

Hi guys,
Thank you so very much - we absolutely love our new Ercol cushions. We think the added buttons along with the single foam back and base design make it look really smart. It's really comfy too!!! We will certainly be ordering more for our other Ercol furniture in the future.
Thanks again,
Caroline and Grant

Grant & Caroline wanted their Ercol 203 2 seater to look a bit different.
It looks great & there'll be no trouble straightening cushions!
Thanks for the pictures and kind comments. We see Ercol chairs in the background, our interest buds are sprouting.

January 2019

January 2019

Tierny from Edinburgh

Tierny from Edinburgh

Click for large images
The Camira Main Line Forest fabric looking goodThe 477 without the spindle hiding Ercol big bulky back cushionLook at the lovely steam bent wrap around frame of the 477Now can you see the lovely wrap around frame?

Hi Safefoam,

Many thanks for the 477 cushion, all received now. We love it and it looks great !

:) Tierney

Tierney wanted a specific green fabric & as often happens we had just the one that she wanted, in stock.
We tend to sell just seat cushions for the Ercol 477 & 478. The original back cushions just completely hide the lovely spindles and frame.
A scatter cushion is all that's needed. Then you've got someting especially good to look at!

Jackie from Stafford (again!)

Jackie from Stafford (again!)

Hi Kerri and Bob
I just wanted to say thank you so much for the Jubilee armchair cushions. I think the slightly narrower foam works better, they look just right to me. And they work really well with two sheepskins on the back (really comfy armchairs now) - we bought the sheepskins in Skye years ago and only usually get them out in winter to drape over the settees so these chairs feel like their proper place. Sorry to have been such a fusspot. And thank you for the cushions too, though I've put them with the daybed! So for now we are ercoled up, lol. Thanks again.
Best wishes

Before Christmas Jackie bought an Ercol Daybed set of cushions from us. This time, these 766 cushions. We usually sell these at 5 inches thick. For Jackie we made them 4.5 inches. Thanks again for your praise and lovely pictures. Please get some more Ercol furniture!

Jo from Mexborough, South Yorkshire

Jo from Mexborough, South Yorkshire

Click for large images
Arran Chambray is a beautiful fabricWhy not ask for free samples?

Hi Safefoam
Please find attached a photo of the new cushion in place.
We are really pleased with the quality, workmanship and service you provide. The cushion looks great at the side of the existing chair we have.
Many thanks


Jo bought this 205 footstool in Arran Chambray after previosly buying an Ercol chair cushion set from us. Thanks for your kind comments Jo.

Lynn from Teddington

Lynn from Teddington

Hello, everyone at Safefoam!

We love our new window seat cushion. It is beautifully made, with firm cushioning and a great fabric option. It feels like suede and the colour is perfect for us.
This was the second time we ordered from you. Your customer support and advice over the phone was excellent throughout and we especially appreciate that you got it to us before the holidays, as promised. Not everything we ordered did!

Many thanks


Thank you Lynn for your kind comments and great picture. Lynn previously bought six Ercol dining seat cushions.

Susan from Isle of Bute

Susan from Isle of Bute

Click for large images
Look how comfy these seat cushions now are!Why not take plumping cushions out of your busy schedule?Please ask us for a quote.

Hi Safefoam,
Just a quick email to say that my customer and I were delighted with the foam/wadding sofa seat pads.
I have enclosed a couple of images and will definitely recommend your products.
My customer says it is much comfier and he doesn't have to keep smoothing out and making the seat pads look neat. They just look neat because they are filled and full looking.

Many thanks

Susan is an interior designer and her customer was fed up with forever plumping up cushions. We supplied these replacement seat cushions using only the best Reflex foam with a fibre wrap. The effect "like new". Actually now they are probably better than new!
Thank you for your kind comments and your fantastic photographs.

Wendy from Orpington

Wendy from Orpington

Click for large images
A beautiful olive green fabric from our massive stocksWhy not send for free fabric samples?Superb fabricThe colour is easy on the eyeWhy not send for free fabric samples?This is 100% wool

Dear Safefoam, many thanks for the lovely cushions for our daybed and rocking chair. They are great! All the poppers worked perfectly. We are really pleased with them and send thanks for all the care and attention to detail you put in! Your phone calls to make sure everything was correct were much appreciated!

Could you please let me know the details and washing instructions for the fabric - then I know how to care for it.

Many thanks again, Wendy

This Ercol 315 Rocker & Daybed looks good in Wendy's chosen fabric.

Wendy chose this lovely woolen fabric in olive green with wavy stripe, just one of so many fabrics we carry in stock. It looks really good Wendy. Many thanks for your kind comments and top pictures.

Michael from Rickmansworth

Michael from Rickmansworth

Click for large images
Michael from RickmansworthMichael from RickmansworthMichael from Rickmansworth

Here are a few photos as requested. Just like to say Thanks for the great service.

Michael first bought the 2 x 203's almost a year ago. Then came back for the 341 Footstool very recently. The fabric chosen is Fryetts Arran Chambray. Many thanks Michael for your comments and pictures.

Irene from Wellingborough

Irene from Wellingborough

Click for large images
Irene from WellingboroughIrene from Wellingborough

These are the cushions you made for the Ercol and other chair. They are excellent quality and very firm which is great. I would have no problem in recommending you in the future. My daughter was thrilled with them.


We do lots of Ercol dining seat cushions, and tend to have them in stock, so this one was a bit different for us. Irene's daughter had refurbished a few odd dining chairs, for a couple of which she sent us paper patterns. This one we put poppers and tapes on, as per Ercol, and also sent her some screw in studs for the poppers to pop onto! You will notice that we also did this cushion with piping at the bottom, the Ercol way. Of course we're happy to to them without piping or with piping top & bottom. It's the customer who chooses.

Many thanks Irene for your kind comments and lovely pictures, before & after.

Happy New Year.

By the way, if any of you, the readers, are anywhere near Wellingborough, why not call in Furniture at the Terrace? It's a true treasure trove of Ercol delights.

Anna from London SE8

Anna from London SE8

We couldn't be happier with our Ercol covers from Safefoam! We ordered the charcoal grey covers and cushions for our Ercol daybed and 203 chair. Speedy delivery, great quality fabric in very reasonable prices. The colour is great and perfectly matches our colour scheme. Will definitely use Safefoam again. Anna

Anna & partner first bought in July last year, then added more in December. What a great start for us in this new year. Fabulous comments, fantastic picture & lovely decor. Thank you Anna for everything.



Wendy and Eric from Stroud

Wendy and Eric from Stroud

Hello Bob and Helen

We just wanted to say thank you for producing our cushions so quickly. We are very pleased with how they look and feel. Very impressed with the workmanship. They have transformed our jubilee 766 chairs and now look like new - photo attached.
Many thanks for your help and advice.

Have a happy Christmas

Eric & Wendy

Many thanks for your super comments. The last week before Christmas was very hectic. Wendy & Eric chose this beautiful fabric by Next. However it proved a challenge for Helen, since we were pretty sure that there wasn't enough fabric! We used the last square inch to produce these 2 Ercol 766 chair cushions. They look good, thanks for the great photograph.
See how Helen matches everything? Unlike Ercol's original design, we always put a bigger seat cushion on the base, making for bigger comfort!

Mel from Cornwall

Mel from Cornwall

Click for large images
Camira Light Grey Stitch fabric, it looks so fresh and clean.The Light Grey Stitch lends itself to enhancement with these Flamingo scatters.

Beautiful daybed cushions and scatter cushions all expertly made by Safefoam.


Mel has bought a few daybed cushions from us & especially this month. The one pictured is our Camira Light Grey Stitch, looks good & will never wear out. It is eminently washable too! Mel has been very busy just recently so she sent her fantastic Flamingo fabric & we made her a few scatters. We are very happy to do this for anyone.
Mel, many thanks for your purchases, your very kind comments and your fantastic pictures.

Elizabeth from Exeter

Elizabeth  from Exeter

Dear Keri,

We just wanted to thank you very much for the lovely cushions received on Friday. We are delighted with them and glad we chose that material.

Thank you again for all your help and your very swift service.

Wishing you a Happy Christmas,

Best wishes, Elizabeth

This Ercol 307 looks good in one of our selection of beige fabrics.
Thank you for your kind comments, & Happy Christmas to you also.

Mel from Newquay Daybed one.

Mel from Newquay Daybed one.

Click for large images
Mel from Newquay Daybed one.Mel from Newquay Daybed one.

Another set of Ercol daybed cushions made beautifully and delivered super fast. These guys at Safefoam are fantastic.

One of our green velvet sets of daybed cushions. Mel your lovely pictures put us to shame.

Mel from Newquay Daybed two

Mel from Newquay Daybed two

Click for large images
92% wool with light grey pipingLooks better at Mel's than here!

More fantastic daybed cushions with bolsters. Thank you Safefoam they are superb quality and the prices are excellent.

Mel. Many thanks for all of your kind words.

Mel from Newquay

Mel from Newquay

Click for large images
Geometric Treales fabric, looking good.Stunning Geo on a 203'o

Ercol 203 chair looking stunning in this gorgeous geometric fabric from Safefoam. The quality is superb. Thank you again. I will be buying more.

Mel chose this attractive fabric for the 203.
Thank you Mel for your repeat order, your kind comments and your fabulous pictures.

Faye from Inverness

Faye from Inverness

After finding the frame for an ercol easy chair at the local recycling centre I looked at lots of different websites for new cushions and Safefoam by far offered the largest variety and best value. The cushions arrived a bit later than expected due to the ones I ordered originally being out of stock, but this was dealt with efficiently and professionally by the company, they were prompt at replying to emails and the times I spoke to them on the phone the staff were very friendly and helpful. The cushions arrived well packaged and the delivery service meant we could choose to have them delivered elsewhere if we weren't home, which was handy, I had to pay slightly extra for delivery as I live in the Scottish Highlands but I did expect this. The cushions themselves are very well made and very comfortable I am really happy with my purchase and I wouldn't consider going anywhere else for ercol cushions. Overall it is an excellent company with great products. I would highly recommend them.


Many thanks Faye for your kind comments. Faye bought this Ercol 203 set of cushions in one of our pure wool fabrics. It's freezing here today, I bet it's cosy by that fire!

Dawn from Hanchurch, Stoke-on-Trent

Dawn from Hanchurch, Stoke-on-Trent

Dear Safefoam,
Really pleased with my cushions and with the service provided.
Many thanks Dawn

Dawn earlier bought one of our mid grey Ercol Daybed sets of cushions, then very soon after came back for the pair of Ercol 203 chair cushions in Porter & Stone Dove Grey. Thank you Dawn for your kind comments & your lovely picture.

Jane & Mark from Formby, Liverpool

Jane & Mark from Formby, Liverpool

Click for large images
Plumb's Cardinal Wine FabricPlumb's Cardinal Wine Fabric supplied by Ross FabricsJane & Mark close up of Ross fabricA soft feel chenille

Dear Keri

Thank you so much for your wonderful service. Safefoam have been a pleasure to deal with and everything was done promptly and very professionally. Thank you for sending us the samples which helped us enormously with choosing the fabric that would look best and match to the rest of our room.

The service was wonderful and we received the cushions 10 days after placing the order. The furniture looks lovely in our room and we are delighted with the finished product. I could not recommend Safefoam highly enough, brilliant product and service from start to finish.

Thank You very much


PS . It has been lovely to be able to reuse a piece of furniture that has been sitting doing nothing for the past 20 years.

All looks comfy for Christmas then!
Jane and Mark, many thanks for your very kind words. We are so pleased when customers show such appreciation for our day to day activity. This was the Full Monty, Daybed with piping and bolsters. Looks great.
Plumbs kindly supply us with this fabulous fabric, it looks brilliant on your Daybed Jane &Mark.

Jenna from Royston

Jenna from Royston

Click for large images
Lovely linenLovely linen close up thanks to Ada and Ina

Hi Safefoam

We are thrilled with the cushions! Everyone we dealt with at Safefoam was so helpful and accommodating and we would definitely recommend the service.

Picture attached. As you can see from the dodgy sanding job, we are only a little way in to our ercol chair restoration project!

Thanks very much to everyone at Safefoam, have a great Christmas!

Best wishes

We like it too Jenna.
Jenna sent her own Greta-Khaki fabric supplied straight to us from Ada & Ina in Canterbury for her 706 Jubilee chair.They are specialists in Natural Fabrics. Thanks for the kind comments & the lovely picture. Happy Christmas to you too!

Tierney from Edinburgh

Tierney from Edinburgh

Hi Bob,

Many thanks for the 477 cushion, all received now. We love it and it looks great !

:) Tierney

Tierney wanted her new cushion in a dark green fabric. We happened to have just the right one in stock, we think it was a Camira Main Line fabric. We're hoping for a picture soon, many, many thanks for your kind comments. It took just over a week from placing the order to us dispatching the goods.

Joanne from Ashover in Derbyshire

Joanne from Ashover in Derbyshire


Just wanted to say thank you for getting the cushions sent so quickly, we're really pleased with them & they look great on the sofa.

Kind Regards

Joanne ordered this Ercol Daybed in our fantastic Mid Grey Stitch from Camira Fabris. It certainly looks the business!

Michal from York

Michal from York

Click for large images
The soft wool grey with orange piping, looking goodAll enhanced so well with beautiful selection of cushions.Lovely piping closeup Good fit around the bend.

Hi thank you so much for our fantastic ercol sofa cushion! Amazing job and looks great.

Michal was unsure whether or not his settee was 203 or 204. They really do look the same.
A pattern or two swapped addresses & here is the result. Our own special woolen grey with orange piping, really does look great.
Many thanks for your glowing praise Michal, & next time we're in York, maybe you'll show us which button to press on the camera, for such fabulous photographs.

Matt in Berlin, but presently for only a short while longer

Matt in Berlin, but presently for only a short while longer

Dear Safefoam Team,
Just to let you know that the cushions arrived safely last week. They look great, can't wait to see them on the furniture (down in France)
I am really pleased with the quality of the cushions and your service.

Matt kindly bought a few items from us and we delivered them to him in Berlin. These were the cushions for his Ercol furniture in the South of France. Matt's moving there soon and wanted to take his new cushions himself, to his new abode. We look forward to the photographs from France.

Evelyn from West Wickham

Evelyn from West Wickham

Click for large images
Evelyn from West WickhamEvelyn from West Wickham

Dear Safefoam
Thanks so much for all the time and trouble you took over the sofa cushions. I think they are perfect and exactly as I had imagined them to be. As you say, so much better than the original design. They fit beautifully.

Thanks so much. Evelyn.

Evelyn wanted her Ercol 766 to look as good as the Daybed. Between us we came up with this comfy version. Now available to anyone else



Kim from South Croyden

Kim from South Croyden

Hi Safefoam

Just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you for an outstanding and professional service.

I had a set of Ercol 203 cushions finished in my own fabric. I really enjoyed my conversations with your staff, which were both fun and service-focused. The finished product is absolutely perfect, and was returned to me much faster than I expected. I was delighted that you even made me a scatter cushion with the remaining fabric: what a lovely touch.

I am thrilled with my new-look chair, and would be very pleased to recommend your services and to use you again.

Thank you all so much for a really happy experience.

All the best


Kim sent her own fabric, a Noma plain pale green. A quality fabric and we did the job!
Thank you Kim for your kind words. They will help to cheer us up through this oncoming winter.

Clare from SE16

Clare from SE16

Click for large images
Ercol 766 Jubilee in Dunbar SaddleErcol 766 Jubilee with big matching scattersErcol 766 Jubilee looking invitingly comfyErcol Renaissance Settee in Dunbar Denim.Ercol Renaissance Settee including scatters with contrasting piping.Ercol Renaissance Settee with A qualcuno piace caldo poster. Some like it hot, this looks very cool.

Thanks so much again for your wonderful work .. I'm so pleased with both of them . Feel free to share them on your webpage And thanks again for the fabric remnants for our charity Spires

Clare had the fabric supplier send us lots of Dunbar Denim & Dunbar Saddle for her large order. The big Ercol Renaissance Settee and the Ercol 766 Jubilee look fabulous in this excellent fabric.
She also asked us to make scatter cushion covers for her own fillers. These we made, at her request, with contrasting piping, all in all, looking good.
Many thanks Clare for trusting us with this valuable fabric and for your kind comments and excellent pictures.

Melanie from Battersea area.

Melanie from Battersea area.

Click for large images
Next Chartreuse Fabric beuatifully sat on by EchoDaybed with bolsters and Echo

To everyone at Safefoam,
Thank you so much for my beautiful cushions and all your help and advice too. They arrived this week and I am delighted with them.
Many thanks,
Modelled by Echo the dog.
Thanks again!

Melanie chose this Next, Chartreuse fabric for her Ercol Studio Couch/Daybed & added our popular bolsters. Her 477 chair is looking good too. Thank you Melanie for choosing us to do this order for you, and thank you for your very kind comments.

Val from Middleton

Val from Middleton

Thank you very much for the cushions.
They look good I must say! Thanks again.
Will recommend Safefoam for definite.

Val initially bought two 203's straight from our website, after discussions regarding the fabric.
Val then phoned to say how very pleased she was to get them delivered so quickly.
She then purchased two 305's as well! All these 4 chairs were ordered and received within a week!
Thanks Val for the picture showng a 203 & a 305 alongside each other. Seeing the work on two different styles and sizes, praise is due to our Helen for her meticulous attention to detail with pattern matching. Thanks Val & thanks Helen. They are both Lasses from Lancashire.

Kate from Reigate

Kate from Reigate

Hi - I'm attaching a picture - sorry it's a bit yellow, but it's a rather grey day here today! I really can't thank you enough for your help and patience. I was worried that, as the chairs are a bit esoteric (I think they are 1950s 335s), it would be a struggle to get the cushions to fit properly, but you've done a fantastic job and they look made to measure. You really know your stuff and it's been a pleasure working with you!
Kind regards,

Neither of us being certain just which Ercol model Kate had, we sent a 335 paper pattern to be sure. Kate bought her own Sorrento Denim, a blue upholstery weight chenille, and had the merchant send it direct to us. With the addition of piping all turned out well. Thank you Kate for the blush creating praise and the pretty picture. We hope you buy more Ercol stuff soon. We can't wait to make the cushions for you. However the same old story, my partner asks why we can't have a rug like that! There goes the blush.

Simon from Maidstone

Simon from Maidstone

Click for large images
Simon from MaidstoneSimon from MaidstoneSimon from MaidstoneSimon from Maidstone

Simon was so pleased with the 2 203's be bought, that he came back soon & bought the 203 2 seater as well.This fabric is a superb 92% wool from Yorkshire.
Thanks very much for your pictures, your kind comments and your 3 purchases.

Jackie from Stafford

Jackie from Stafford

Click for large images
Jackie from StaffordJackie from Stafford

Hiya, just wanted to say thank you so much for the day bed cushions. We love them! And thanks for sorting everything out in such a friendly and professional manner.

So moving on, do you do base cushions for the Ercol chairmakers chair please? If you do how much are they please and can we pick a fabric similar to the one on the daybed?
Look forward to hearing from you, and thanks again.

For her Daybed Jackie actually chose a Teal fabric that had sadly gone out of stock & there was no more at our supplier. However by coincidence we just started buying a new range of fabrics called the Venus Collection. The picture shows the first item we made in it called Venus Petrol. We like it very much, but so does Jackie, that's the main thing for us.
Thanks Jackie for your patience and understanding with us, also for your fantastic picture & for your request for Chairmaker pattern.

Diane from Oxford

Diane from Oxford

Click for large images
Diane from OxfordDiane from OxfordDiane from Oxford

Dear Bob and Kelly - Many thanks for the cushions. They are very good & fit well.

Diane sent us her own fabric for these Ercol 365 dining seat cushions, with poppers and tapes. Thanks for the great pictures Diane.

Mel from Newquay, Cornwall

Mel from Newquay, Cornwall

Click for large images
Mel from Newquay, CornwallMel from Newquay, CornwallMel from Newquay, Cornwall

My gorgeous daybed light grey cushions. The quality is superb as is the customer service and care.
Thank you all at Safefoam.

Mel from Truro, has bought a fair few items from us, for which we are most grateful. Here is seen our Light Grey Daybed, looking better at Mel's than it does at ours! Thanks Mel for your continued business and for your very kind and gratefully accepted comments.



Tim & Sian from Wombourne

Tim & Sian from Wombourne

Hi Keri

The cushions have just arrived and they are perfect. I just wanted to say thank you very much! I've included a picture. Feel free to use it as an example anytime.


Mr & Mrs Robinson & we, thought their chair was an Ercol 203.
After backwards and forwards with patterns we concluded it was an Ercol 204.
The picture proves it! Many thanks for your photograph & your patience.

Mr & Mrs Stevenson from Inverness

Mr & Mrs Stevenson from Inverness

We enjoyed meeting you all today in your unique setting. Many thanks for your hospitality, excellent service and for the paper patterns too. We look forward to receiving our order in due course. In the meantime, here is a photo of a recent project using your seat base foam cushions for our Ercol 766/3 settee, 766 easy chair and 341 footstool. Hope you manage to obtain a copy of the Ercol book which provides interesting reading.

Thank you again for all your help. Good luck in your enterprise!

Best wishes,
Helen and Alan

Mr & Mrs Stevenson visited us from Inverness and looked at our collection of Ercol antiqities. It was equally good to meet you both, we love good visitors like you. By the way, your lovely garden will cheer us up during the rapidly arriving winter.

Ms Misra from Salisbury

Ms Misra from Salisbury

Click for large images
766 2 seater settee mattress only.766 Chair seat only.The fabric chosen over the etherIt's a fantastic 92% wool

Hi Keri

Your service was absolutely spectacular and I love the cushions.
Attaching pics.


Ms Misra chose her fabric from some pictures we emailed to her. She ordered instantly and we made the goods and dispatced within a couple of days. We like happy customers.



Veronica from Pembury, nr Tunbridge Wells

Veronica from Pembury, nr Tunbridge Wells

Click for large images
The new pew cushions really do go well with the hassocks.We're most impressed by the flower festival, we might bring our own welly next time.

"The pew cushions have been a huge success, much admired and everyone is delighted with their appearance and the transformation in terms of comfort. I am very grateful that you were able to provide these in time for our flower festival. I enclose a photo which was taken during the festival which shows how perfectly the cushions co ordinate with the hand embroidered hassocks. Please feel free to reproduce it in your advertising. Once again very many thanks for all your assistance and many thanks to your drivers who delivered the cushions.

All best wishes

St Peter's Old Church, Pembury wanted new pew cushions in Plumbs' Elegent Mini Navy. We combined the delivery with one to a Sevenoaks church in September. It always gives us extra satisfaction when everybody is happy.

Anne from Didsbury, Manchester

Anne from Didsbury, Manchester

"Thanks for the gorgeous cushions and covers for my day bed and chair."

Anne wanted new cushions and covers for her Ercol 835 Evergreen and Daybed. She chose one of our many green fabrics. Between Anne & us, we worked out a new style back cushion for the 835. The room looks Ercolingly fantastic.

Emma from Driffield

Emma from Driffield

Click for large images
Showing Emma's new Ercol 203 cushionsShowing bedhead in matching fabric


I just wanted to email you to say thank you so much for supplying me with not only beautiful replacement cushions for my Ercol chair but also the fabric that I recovered my headboard with. They were dispatched and received in record time and I would have no hesitation in recommending your service. Top quality all round. I am delighted with how my chair looks and I am so pleased I decided to replace my cushions with ones from yourselves.

Thank you again


Emma bought one of our sets of Ercol 203 cushions and asked could she also buy enough fabric to cover her bedhead. What a great job you did Emma.

Mrs Woods from Isle of Bute

Mrs Woods from Isle of Bute

Click for large images
before new seat cushionsafter new seat cushions

"Thank you so much for our new foam sofa cushions and for your kind, excellent and very speedy service. We appreciate everything that you've done to make our old sofa better than new - much more supportive and comfortable and much easier for Robert to rise after being seated. The extra height of the new cushions, as well as the comfortable firmness, has made a huge improvement for him for ease of sitting and rising. And I can't thank you enough for your extra service of inserting the new cushions into the covers. I never would have been able to do that on my own. Here are the before and after photos."

We were asked to supply new cushions for the above two special chairs, which linked together make the settee as seen. Mr Woods was experiencing difficulty standing up from sitting on the settee, the old cushions not giving the support needed any more. We used our very top quality foam and the result was pleasing for everybody. Thank you Mrs Woods for your kind comments and your lovely photographs. When we stop blushing we're going for photography lessons!

Joanne from High Wycombe

 Joanne from High Wycombe

Note from Joanne:-
"Photo demonstrating the fabulous Safefoam products!"

Many thanks for your message Joanne, especially for the fact that you live in Ercolland! (High Wycombe was the home of Ercol for many years). Joanne bought just the mattress for her Ercol Daybed, in our light grey stitch. Everything looks stunning Joanne. I know why you didn't want back cushions, like my wife you collects scatters!



Mark from Reading

Mark from Reading

Click for large images
Our mattress follows the curve of the frameWe've added a gentle lug to complete the mattress in styleThe Jubilee is so much more attractive without the big back cushionsTrending decor is good to see, no clutter

"Hi Safefoam.
Thanks for a fantastic service.
Easy to deal with.
Very quick from first contact to having it delivered.
Excellent fit for our Ercol Sofa.
Many thanks, highly recommended.

We have received these excellent photos and a splendid comment from Mark of Reading. You were good too Mark! We all think the settee & your decor look great & our driver tells us that your village is so sublime.
The Ercol Jubilee 3 seater settee really takes on a Daybed look with this full length mattress instead of 3 seats and 3 backs as in its original Ercol form.

July 2018

July 2018

July  2018

Mr & Mrs Cyne from Larbert in Stirlingshire bought some Ercol dining seat cushions and sent us this picture.



"We are delighted with the cushions.  The service was impeccable.  As requested I have attached a photo of the table and chairs".


Kind Regards, Mrs Clyne.

These Ercol 876 Swan Back dining chairs look good with our Next fabric Chartreuse. All the right poppers and tapes in all the right places!



Mrs Jarman from New Maldon asked us to change the shape of Ercol her 203 3 seater, and recover her 2 x Ercol 427's.

She sent us her own fabric (from Belgium) and we did our best below. The bolsters are our design & the scatters were foc. See her comments below.


Hi Safefoam


I would recommend your work to anybody that I know who wants upholstery done. I can’t stop going into the lounge to look at it, it really makes a big difference to the whole room. Helen has done a fantastic job.

Mrs Jarman

The one piece back & the two soft bolsters really update this great design, once again we're bowled over by very flattering comments. Helen has blushed for a couple of days!

The first two pictures are from Mrs Jarman, the last one, we took to show the new press studs we did for fixing the back cushion to the 427. And finally my partner is again saying "why can't I have a living room like that!"





Mr & Mrs Carey from Preston, Lancs., sent us the picture below + the kind comment under the picture.




Dear Joe and Helen 

A belated photo of the beautiful finished result on our Ercol grandfather chairs, (Ercol 305).  A huge thank you again for all your skill and advice.

Very best wishes

Mr and Mrs Carey 


The Ercol Grandfather chairs are so beautiful & especially enhanced with the lovely scatters which leave the frame exposed.



Mrs Kerr from Horsham in West Sussex, ordered an Ercol 766 seat cushion on 27th June & we sent it out same day! The cover is in the charcoal fabric from Camira.

With the addition of Mrs Kerr's own scatters, she's turned an old fashioned design into a modern, trending & desirable piece of furniture.


We have been doing our own thing with the 766 for a good while now. The Ercol frame design team made a beautiful job of this chair.

Plenty of lovely spindles and attractive bent wood curves. Then along came the cushion people and ruined the appearance of the piece. (I think anyway!)

We've taken away the enormous back cushion and the two bolster arms and exposed the beautiful timber beneath.

Then finally we redesigned the seat cushion, making it bigger and curving it around the base and the front of the arms. Mrs Kerr seems pleased!

Thank you for your kind comments Mrs Kerr.

Thank you for our new seat cushion. It fits perfectly!

Mrs R Kerr



June  2018


A customer from Lancashire is pleased to get his order.

It looks good in his lovely micro campervan! He sent us these two pictures.



The fabric used is one of our popular grey fabrics but with the addition of mustard piping and buttoning. A neat request by DB from Blackburn who says

"great job, will ring you when I get chance to get those scatter cushions made,


Cheers Dave"


May  2018


A customer from France is pleased to get his order.

It looks good in his lovely traditional French style living room.




We have just received safely the 13 cushions and covers. Thank you very much.


Kind regards,


E G from Rheims


The fabric used is another from Safefoam's vast stocks. We sent the parcels out on Tuesday of last week, & they arrived in Rheims on Friday. We are most impressed by our couriers.& thank you Mr G for your order  kind comments.


April  2018


Mrs Wheatley from London bought thse 2 Ercol 477 chair cushions.

Thank you for our new cushions, they are perfect and finish off the kitchen! Regards Mrs Wheatley



March  2018


Mr P Flanagan from Sussex bought 4 of our Ercol 365 dining chair cushions.

He chose one of our Porter & Stone fabrics, Balmoral Heather.

Thanks for the very kind comments



Please find attached a picture of the new cushions in situ.

We are very pleased with the cushions, they appear well-manufactured, the fit is good, the pattern is accurately placed on all four of them, and they are very comfortable in use.

Thank you also for the very helpful and courteous service - so refreshing to feel one is dealing with professionals, from the start. Finally, the prompt manufacture and delivery, faster than promised, meant that the cushions arrived just in time for a dinner party!

Best wishes,

Peter Flanagan


February  2018


Mr Burt from Windemere bought the cushions below.



I am writing to thank you for the quality of the cushions and covers you recently supplied for our  Ercol couch and the two 427 easy chairs.  Your foam and covers have given them a new lease of life.

Thanks again for a quality job.

Mr G T Burns 

The fabric used is another Safefoam exclusive from Nouveau Fabrics in Doncaster.






Mr & Mrs W from Leyland wanted 6 new cushions for their Ercol 1138 Dining Seats. They chose this Next fabric & we did the rest.

They are very pleased.

Note that these cushion have Velcro to fix them in place. The fabric used is one of our Next checks.



Martin from Harringay, North London, sent us his own fantastic fabric for us to produce the Ercol Daybed + bolsters below.

The fabric arrived on 31st Jan & he received the parcel on 7th Feb.



Hi Lizzie/all,

Great Job!


Just a quick email to say thank you for the Ercol cushions. We are very happy with the end result, they look amazing! My Mum absolutely loves it and I'm sure my Nan (it was originally her sofa) would've loved the transformation too.  It's not taken pride of place yet in our house as it's being packed up and shipped to New Zealand with the rest of our belongings in a little over 3 weeks time. Here's a couple of pics to show you how it looks.

Warmest regards


The old quote from way back when "pick up thy bed & walk" springs to mind. It's too far to walk Martin. It's just the opposite to what happenened not too long ago, a customer from Oz brought stuff here for us to work on!   Martin, good luck to you & your family out there. What a great adventure.



Ercol Chairmakers Chair. Mr & Mrs Ring from Dorking rang saying "We are so pleased with the cushions that arrived today. The service provided was wonderful.....................We knew it would be because it was made in Lancashire!"

By gum that makes us proud, the covers were made in one of our 300 in house fabrics, Terra Cotta Mini Elegant. Thank you Mr & Mrs Ring for taking the trouble to ring us!


Karen from one of the Inner Hebrides wanted cushions for her Ercol Rocking Chair, she chose Porter & Stone Dove Grey. For an old rocker, they look good. She also sent us these quality pictures.



Hello Everyone


Thank you, the cushions for my Ercol Rocking Chair are super along with your customer service.


Please find attached some photos





Ms Higham from Wakefield sent us this blue leather skin for us to make the above Ercol dining seat cushions.


January  2018


Gayle from Edinburgh bought one of the Charcoal 2/seater 203, a 203 chair (as in picture below) and a 341 footstool, and then embarrassed us with kind words.



Hi there,


I just wanted to send you a quick email to let you know how delighted I am with my replacement Ercol sofa, chair and footstool cushions. The charcoal grey fabric is exactly what I was looking for, a really stylish shade and the cushions are so comfortable. The best thing about buying from you though has been the customer service - every member of the team that I've dealt with has been friendly, knowledgable, polite and efficient - I really couldn't fault it. And the delivery was bang on time with no issues - pretty rare these days! Would recommend to anyone looking for replacement Ercol cushions. 


Thanks again!



Looks like Gayle may do a bit of sewing herself..............on her antique foot operated Singer!


December  2017


Chris from Cardiff bought this Jade daybed and sent us a picture & a note.




I bought my Ercol Studio Couch cushions & covers at an excellent price and they arrived quicker than expected.  There are very good quality, much more comfy than my old ones and look superb.






November  2017




20th February 2016

20th February  2016

20th February 2016


36 inch x 36 inch Fresh Big Bold Dots


My husband ordered and it arrived yesterday. Thank you so much!  Your delivery company is brilliant - they tried to deliver it in the morning before my husband could tell them that we would be out they therefore didn't get a answer. So they tried again in the afternoon. I have never had that before - it meant I got my delivery, please say a big thank you for me.......  I'm so happy with my cushion it looks great! 

Thanks again. 


Claire from Sussex emailed re her new floor cushion.. Our delivery company in this case were Interlink Express. Thanks for your kind comments.


16th February 2016


Hello, Thank you so much for the foam - amazingly, it arrived on Friday which is unprecedentedly fast delivery for Orkney. I was actually discussing my sofa with a colleague (i work in the local library) when a customer came over and asked where I'd bought my replacement foam as it seems she has an Ercol Windsor chair                                 so don't be surprised if you get another Orkney enquiry! Now I'm no upholsterer so forgive my work, but here is a picture of my  beloved and totally unsmelly daybed.... Kind regards Ellen

Ellen from Orkney ordered a foam mattress for her Ercol Daybed, probably one of only a few on Orkney. She ordered on a Wednesday & it arrived on Friday! Big thanks to Interlink Express once more. Thanks for your kind comments.

15th February 2016


With apologies for the delay in writing to you, I just wanted to thank everyone I dealt with in connection with my recent order. The cushions and covers arrived in good order last Monday and I am very pleased with them, the fit and quality is excellent. I am also most grateful for all the assistance prior to my placing the order which was invaluable. I shall not hesitate to recommend your company (and have already done so).


Andrew from Sussex emailed. He'd sent us his Ercol cushion covers and we remade them in our Mid Grey fabric. He also sent this excellent picture of his Ercol Old Colonial Settee, revitalized with our Mid Grey fabric from Bradbury. Thanks for your kind comments.


21st December 2015

We are most impressed with the very professional and helpful performance of this company. When we rang to explain that some of our replacement ercol cushions had a musty smell (?a storage problem) we were given advice about airing them and when that didn't work we were rushed a new set of covers in time for Christmas. Nothing seemed too much trouble for this very friendly and efficient team. The new covers are great.

 Thanks very much,

Dr.K & Dr. D


1st December 2015

Dear B and K,

Many thanks for your invoice, which I have passed on to our treasurer, Mr W.

We are all delighted with our new pew cushions, in particular with their arrival in time for St. Andrew’s Day.

A truly excellent result both in quality of the product and your help with our project.

Please do not hesitate to use me for a reference.

Kind regards,



For and on behalf of St. Andrew’s Church , Ilford.



13th October 2015


Chris E from Nth Yorkshire, had previously purchased our new cushions for the Ercol Daybed (seen in picture),

then wanted us to use the same fabric (Mid Grey Stitch), for the two items above, the Ercol 442 Chair and 443 Stool.

Had it not been for the superb diagrams provided we don't think we could have done such a good job.

Notice how the back cushion has a Vecro panel to cover the unsightly back webbings. With such good advice from Ercol customers, we are learning every day. Thank you also Chris for the lovely pictures.

(On this very same day a customer has contacted us with model numbers for what we've just been calling the Ercol single bed.)



Lizzy, Joe, Our cushions/covers arrived yesterday as promised. We’re really pleased with them, nice fit, finish, detail etc. Many thanks for all your help. Chris


13th July 2015



This customer bought new cushions for her Ercol 203 chair and wanted us to use her own fabric for the covers. This we did at no extra cost. See how she made us blush with her email yesterday...........

Dear Lizzie and Safefoam,   I just wanted to thank you for the gorgeous cushions you made for me, and for the brilliant service from start to finish.The extra scatter cushion was a particularly lovely surprise! You were especially helpful about allowing me to use my own fabric, and I was very impressed by how easy, stress-free the whole process was - and how quickly my new cushions arrived! I've attached some photos of my Ercol 203 chair, looking stylish with its new cushions!

Many thanks again,   Emily

PS: You're welcome to add mine to your customer testimonials, if that's helpful. But please could I request that you don't use my last name? (Just for privacy purposes!) Thank you!

Notice how all the stripes are matching? Only Safefoam do incredible things like this! ........................Oh Sorry, we said that last time.


10th March 2015



This customer bought new cushions for her Ercol 203 chair and 2 seater settee. She also wanted new covers in the striped fabric above. She emailed us the note below.

Have been meaning to email to thank you for the lovely cushions you made for my Ercol Suite (the stripey fabric).  We are really pleased with them and has given

a very tired looking suite of furniture a very  up-to-date look.  Many thanks    Joyce

Notice how all the stripes are matching? Only Safefoam do incredible things like this!


2nd March 2015


The customer replaced their foam filled seats and fibre filled back cushions, and sent these pictures and an email to let us know how pleased they were!  Here is an extract from their email below:-

The new foam really has made a big difference and probably extended the lifespan of the furniture. Many thanks for your help and good service.


2nd December 2014  Look what a bit of innovation will do!

The customer above bought two sets of Ercol daybed cushions. He also added an extra back cushion and a pair of bolsters.................we think it's brilliant!

12th July 2014  Mr Dave Smith from Nottingham emailed ..............


 Sorry it's taken a while to get round to but...

 Thanks for the prompt delivery of the cushions & extra covers for the ercol daybed.  We're really pleased with them.  Great price and really helpful service.

 All the best, Dave

Mr Smith bought the mid grey stitch daybed cushions, as above + at a very special price he bought a further set of covers in a fantastic grey chenille.




12th July 2014  Mr Dave Smith from Nottingham emailed ..............


 Sorry it's taken a while to get round to but...

 Thanks for the prompt delivery of the cushions & extra covers for the ercol daybed.  We're really pleased with them.  Great price and really helpful service.

 All the best, Dave

Mr Smith bought the mid grey stitch daybed cushions, as above + at a very special price he bought a further set of covers in a fantastic grey chenille.



10th July 2014  Mr Richard Burton emailed ..............


We received the cushions yesterday for the footstools and day bed - they are lovely, thank you so much. We are now contemplating asking you to supply some more cushions for our other sofa and two arm chairs in the same fabric as the footstool cushions.


Mr Burton bought the Ercol Daybed and Ercol 341 cushions from our website.

We will be quoting soon for his 3 seater Ercol Double Bow Bergere! Thanks for your very kind comments.


3rd July 2014  Mr Lewis Maleh  emailed ..............



Cushions look awesome!!!  Thank you :-))

Regards Lewis Maleh


Mr Maleh wanted 2 seat cushions only for an Ercol 203 in one of our special Orange fabrics (not the one above!)


27th June 2014 Ms M Bobinska from London emailed............


Just a note to say how delighted I am with my new covers for my sofa, really smart and also comfortable.

Thanks very much for your good service.




Ms Bobinska wanted new cushions and covers for her Guy Rogers style sofa. We used our usual top quality Reflex foam and the Charcoal Stitch from the Bradbury Fabrics Pyra Range. Another happy customer!


23rd May 2014  Mr & Mrs Westlake from Poole, Dorset emailed ..............

Dear All,

We have been really busy the last couple of days but wanted to drop you a quick line to say thanks.

We got our limetime ercol cushions on Tuesday and we are over the moon they are fantastic. Thank you so much for the fabulous service and product you have provided us with.

As ever an absolute pleasure dealing with safefoam.  Thanks again, J and R Westlake (the bolster girl!)

Mr & Mrs Westlake have now bought 2 setsof our Ercol Daybed Cushion, the price is right at the moment!

17th March 2014  Mr P Sheasby from Retford, Notts emailed ..............

Delivered safely, fits perfectly, looks very good (see photo) and is comfortable. Thanks Peter

On 12th March Peter rang & told us on phone what he wanted, he paid & we delivered! Thanks for the kind words..................


13th March 2014  Ms C Hay from Alfreton emailed ..............

Thank you for the new cushions, they are perfect. The delivery was really good too, Great to know when they were coming.

Ercol Grandfather chairs, 317's are the chairs that they fit.

Many Thanks

Ms Hay had sent us paper patterns for her Ercol chair but didn't say what was the Model Number. Now we have the 310 in our library of Ercol models! Many thanks to you Ms Hay..............


11th March 2014  Mrs Millar from Northwich telephoned.............

View larger image - click here

Just to tell us she had received the above Ercol Daybed + bolsters + scatters in Red Swirl and that she is delighted with them.

She is sending her Ercol Dining Seat cushions for new foams and covers to match above!

Thank you for your kind words Mrs Millar, we look forward to doing the diners too!

24th February 2014  Ms Daborn from Surbiton emailed

Hi Joe,

Just wanted to let you know that the foam cushions have arrived and fit perfectly!

Thank you for all your help.



Ms Daborn ordered a wide selection of Ercol 203 & 204 foam cushions only. We're glad that fit so well.


24th February 2014  Ms Adler from Brighton emailed these pictures and note.


Thought you might like to see the cushion in use. It's perfect!

Thank you ever so much for your outstanding service - a real breath of fresh air!   Have a lovely day


Ms Adler ordered our Charcoal Daybed, mattress only. She seems well pleased. Therefore so are we!


Peter from Crystal Palace

Peter from  Crystal Palace

Peter from Crystal Palace sent us these pictures below

Peter ordered on 21st November and received delivery on 28th! 




Peter asked us if we could make an Ercol Single Bed mattress with something special as a filler & cover.

We made this Reflex base with a memory foam topper all covered in a Coolmax cover. He said:-

Hi,  Many thanks for the quicker than expected delivery of the mattress.  It looks great (photos attached). 

He's bought many cushions from us over the last few years, all for Ercol furniture. His first order was at the end of July 2013.

We are very grateful for his continuing custom. Peter also passes on our name to other Ercol cushion customers and so it goes.

We honestly feel very lucky to be blessed with so many good customers & especially during recent times with the growth in popularity of Ercol Furniture.



Lauren from Salford sent us the lovely picture below




Lauren asked us to send our pack of samples to her on 13th November.

She chose & paid for our Garfield Grey on 16th, we dispatched on 21st...........she sent this picture on 22nd!

Her brief but to the point note says:---

Thank you so much for such speedy service!!! It’s an instant hit!

The dog approves & so does Lauren! We're just happy to please all of our customers. The Ercol 766 Jubilee 3 seater settee with added bolsters looks the part.

The Garfield Grey looks and feels like wool, a lovely fabric. All in all then it's a win win winalot situation.


November  2017


Mrs Swales from Liverpool sent us the lovely picture below




Mrs Swales chose one of our Bradbury fabrics for her 6 Ercol dining chairs. We sent her samples from which to choose.

She rang to tell us how pleased she was with everything. Before we put the phone down we were all blushing with pride.

Why not try us for Ercol Dining Seats, they are the real McCoy, tapes, press studs and piping, just like mother used to make, sorry I mean Ercol!


October  2017


Mrs Schofield from Anglesey sent us the lovely pictures below.She chose a  mustard piping on a grey velour. We're thinking of having a competition amongst our customers for the smartest house!!


image1.JPG image2.JPG


Dear Lizzie,

I was delighted with the quality and finish of the Safefoam cushion for my Ercol Daybed.

Here are some snaps of the finished article in place

Thank you very much. I will definitely be placing more orders with you in the future.




October  2017


Mark C  from Berkshire wanted a new mattress only cushion for the Ercol Daybed in pictures below. We thank him for the lovely pictures & once again our staff are envious of such a beautiful room. It makes our mattress look good!

Fabric chosen is our new Next Tweedy Weave, the piping enhances the mattress. Mark queried on 17th, we sent samples out next day, he chose the fabric on 22nd & received the goods on 25th. We got these pictures on 28th! A good week's work.


image1.jpeg     image2.jpeg       image3.jpeg


We were looking for expert service and finish and with Safefoam we received both. This piece of furniture receives many compliments from guests, thanks to the level of craftsmanship. 


Delighted customer. 




Mrs Wright from Reading wanted a new seat cushion for her Ercol Evergreen chair in her own fabric. She sent us a picture and a note below. We thank her.



Dear Safefoam

I would just like to thank you for the cushions that you made for my chair.

They look fantastic! I would especially like to thank Helen for making the additional scatter cushion with the leftover fabric - it compliments the chair perfectly. My whole family fight to grab the 'best chair' in the kitchen now!

Thank you again for all your help and providing my Ercol chair with a new lease of life for many years to come.

Best wishes



October  2017


Mr & Mrs Elstonfrom Beverley, bought covers for their Ercol furniture in our new in check by Next fabric. Thanks for your kind comments which bring a blush to our faces.


Dear Joe,

We are highly delighted with our cushions. As you can see they look great.

Thank you for your firms expert work.

Best wishes

Christine and John Elston




September  2017


Mr & Mrs Nixon from Nottingham purchased these Ercol Jubilee cushions and covers in our attractive Teal fabric. They sent us a charming note for which we are most grateful.



Hello Joe and team,

At last I have my suite in place! After all the trauma of the last few months it is a joy to see it in all its glory.

Thank you for your patience and for the lovely job you did.



September  2017


Recently Ms Jenkins from Sidcup sent her own fabric for this Ercol Rocking Chair Cushion, she also sent her own piping fabric & a short and sweet message for which we are very grateful.




Just to let you know I've received the cushion and am very pleased with it.


Thank you.


August  2017


John Passmore from N2 outshines us with his photography. Recently he bought these 2 Ercol 334 cushions which we made in his own fabric "Longleat Acacia"

Longleat fabric is a fantastic modern fabric from Prestigious Textiles with its bang on trend design depicting safari animals and palm trees.


Hi Lizzie,


I just wanted to say that I’m absolutely delighted with the cushions. Genuinely could not be happier.

Thought I’d attach a picture for you

Thanks again for all your help.







June  2017



Suzanne Nebbett from Somerset, sent us this short and sweet note, for which we are most grateful.




Many thanks for the lovely set of Cushions which we are thrilled with.  As requested I have attached a photo for you to use on your website.


Kind regards





Our Charcoal Stitch Ercol Daybed looks the part in Sue's lovely room. Thanks for your kind comments.



May  2017



Ms Bartlet from Tadcaster sent us her own fabric for the above Ercol Daybed Mattress. The fabric is from Next, it is a Boucle Weave called Light Dove. It looks fantastic and we also have this fabric newly in stock. We sent this out to her on 11th May 2017


25 x 25 Floor Cushions

I recently purchased three of the above cushions from you which look great used as back cushions for my faithful sofa.  I bought them in red.   As I would like a set of alternate covers for these (when washing the red ones) would you be able to provide me with three 25 x 25 covers only in yellow style stripe?

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards

Lorraine D

We told the customer "yes" & she bought new cushion covers.



Dear Safefoam Team, Once again thank you for your wonderful service and outstanding workmanship.

As promised please find attached photos of our chair with both sets of cushions. We hope the photos  are of suitable quality.

We are delighted with our renovated Ercol chair and our thanks to the whole team for 

exceptional customer service, liaison and product. We think you will agree the chair looks great and is very comfy !!! 

We are thrilled

With warmest thanks

Chris O and Marie P, Harpenden, Herts.

Not only are the pictures of a suitable quality, we're thinking of asking Mr O & Ms P to take more superb photos like this for us.

Many thanks for your very kind comments. They sent templates for this Ercol Chair and wanted two lots of cushions. Last month they purchased an Ercol 203 in the Pyra Mid Grey.

We have the two above fabrics in stock & they are ex Next fabrics. The chair certainly looks great, with such good customer involvement our sewing and cutting dept. do good jobs like this.

The comfort of course is due to the top quality foam that we always use. A Big Thanks to all our top customers.


April  2017


Mr A Robinson, From Alton in Hampshire, thanks for your fantastic pictures......... He sent his own fabric & we supplied these two items, the Ercol 203 & the 341 footstool.

We also supplied a daybed in his own oatmeal fabric. My partner is at me again! Why can't we have a room like that........................................?



Mr Brennon from N Ireland sent us these pictures. We sent them to him only a couple of days ago, Ercol 334's in two of our top fabrics.


March 2017



Image may contain: people sitting and indoor


Thanks for the cushions and covers, we love them! Just need to sell the old sofas before they will be in their proper spot! Here is a photo of them on our armchair and footstool:)


Ms Schumacher from London decided on our mid-grey with Bradbury Black piping.We sneaked a couple of pictures before they left here.



February 2017

Dear Safefoam staff

Thank you for the jigsaw bed settee which arrived on 16th February in time for use as a bed when guests were staying.

I was asked if I could send a photo of the bed in situ.  Attached are two that may be of interest to you.

Many thanks for your help and excellent service.



Thank you for your kind comments, our Jigsaw Bed has never looked so good!   Jill from Cardiff must be an interior designer. We know where to come for advice in the future......

The two pieces make up into a decent sized mattress, and our purpose made fitted sheet holds everything together.

Hi Lizzie,


Just to let you know that the cushions arrived with my parents and are now in situ on my studio couch here in Ireland … and I’m delighted with them! 


Thanks for your help,






Thank you for the lovely picture, the daybed cushions in our Light Grey Stitch, from Bradbury, were sent from here to Yorkshire then Sally's parents delivered them to Ireland for her. They left here only a few days ago!


Hi Lizzie,

Cushions arrived today!

I am completely over the moon - they are absolutely amazing! Thank you so much for the little scatter cushions too.

I will write you a proper review and get some decent photos in the next few days - I just wanted to let you know how happy I am :)

Thank you for all your help with questions/fabric swatches too.

Catrin xx  from Shropshire

Here we all are, blushing profusely. Thank you Catrin for your fab comments.


A very rare Ercol Chair. We made a new cushion to the customer's own template & covered it in one of our many grey chenilles and put a Teal piping around the edges.

We think it might be called a love chair.




Hi Lizzie, really pleased! Thanks!

We thank Ms Moore from Radstock in Somerset for her kind facebook note, however my partner is now complaining about our living room! (Again).



Our Big Spots fabric is a favourite with youngsters everywhere!



5 months old Connie came to visit us this morning, she went for the kids' favourite fabric!



TOP of the BOX (Toybox)



Two & seven twelfths years old Sophie said a big "eghnee" to her Aunty Gill. We think she means "Thank you"

Mrs Gill Farrell from Fulwood, Preston, Lancs., did say thank you to us. & Sophie really does like her new toy boxes topsys.

We know the score..........she'll want some matching scatters & floor cushions sooner or later...... scroll further down to see what we mean!



January 2017



Ship Ahoy!




Mrs McDonnell bought the above cushions for her barge which is moored at Overwater on the Shropshire canal at Nantwich.

We used only the best foam, Reflex from Vitafoam & Fryatt's Arran FR Chambray fabric. She and her husband were well pleased.

We thank her for the top of the class photo with the scatters in the corner.



30th December 2016




Dear Sir,


I am writing to thank you for your exceptional service.  I ordered a floor cushion for my grand-daughter as a Christmas present, but knew that I was ordering too late for delivery in time,

I think it was the evening of 20th Dec when I placed the order.  However you telephoned me the next morning and we were able to change the delivery address to mine, where my family were spending Christmas. 

Sure enough the floor cushion arrived on 22nd as promised in your phone call.


My grand-daughter was delighted with the cushion and so was I by your 'good old fashioned courtesy and personal attention'.


Wishing you all the best for 2017

Mrs Carter

Mrs Carter from Cumbria is another happy customer! Thank you for your very kind comments. Nice choice of floor cushion!





29th November 2016


Dear All


Thank you so much for the beautiful seat pads which arrived today.  They are

exactly as I hoped our Ercol dining chairs would look.  Brilliant!

 I attach some photos of the finished project. 

 Once again, thank you so much for an excellent, friendly, professional service.

 Yours faithfully

 H Cotton, Gerrards Cross.


Mr & Mrs Cotton, from Buckinghamshire chose to paint their Ercol Dining Chairs and sent us their own fabric for new cushions. We think that they look fantastic.


5th November 2016



Mr McKennon, from Wisbech wanted new box cushions for their lovely leather suite. They chose Porter and Stone Heather. Looks good.



Thank you very much for the superb cushions and quick delivery.I include photos as promised.

I would recommend Safefoam to anybody considering an update to their tired chair/sofa.

Kind regards,

Brian Mckennon


14th September 2016



Mr & Mrs D Warne, from Launceston in Cornwall wanted to finish off their beautiful storage seating with one of our many striped cushions.


Thank you very much for the cushions we received. I have enclosed 2 pictures for you to see how they look on our new boxes

A & D Warne


13th September 2016


Mr and Mrs Hawes from Lancaster brought this rare chair frame, we think it's a Double Bend Ercol 477.

They brought their own fabric and we refurbished the frame and made new cushions. Taking them away earlier today saying that they were very pleased.


27th August 2016


View larger image - click here

Shirley fromSurrey needed bright blue scatters for her patio set. We are all blushing after reading her comments below, many thanks for cheering us all up!


Hello Joe

Just a quick line to say that my order arrived yesterday (Friday) as promised and I am absolutely delighted with the cushions.  They are a lovely colour and compliment my patio set very well. 

I have been very pleased indeed with your company, service and product so very well done.  I applaud you and will recommend you to others without hesitation.

Many thanks again.

Kind regards

Shirley, from Hindhead in Surrey.


19th August 2016

Alison from Weybridge, Surrey pleased with her special Ercol daybed.....One of our many Cream fabrics.


Dear Lizzie,

really pleased with the ercol set which was delivered this morning.

Highly impressed with your excellent service and delighted with the extra scatter cushions.

Thank you so much.




20th July 2016


Going out today all the way to Mrs Harrison from Guernsey. A beautiful Sanderson fabric.

Dear Joe

Cushions/covers arrived safely in Guernsey today without problems.

They look terrific on the chair - see photo - very pleased.

Many thanks for your efforts (and extra cushion). Kind regards

Ann Harrison

Thank you Mrs Harrison for your kind comments, it makes us feel good on these rainy days! Thank you also for your lovely photograph, putting our photographer to shame once again.....


10th March 2016



I just wanted to say thank you for the cushion. We had to go back and forth a few times to get to the right size but it fits perfectly! Thank you for your patience!


Claire from Evesham wanted our Pyra Grey for her uncommon Ercol 317. The paper pattern needed to go to & fro before the spot on size was determined. We like the finished product and thanks Claire for your photo in situ and your kind comments.


1st March 2016


I can't thank you folks enough. I've had my Ercol suite for 25 years, since I was a poor student. It was about 30 years old when I bought it second hand. And today it looks brand new. I'm so pleased.

Thanks so much for the two cushions, that was a lovely surprise. Feel free to use the photos on your site.

Really appreciate your help.  Best regards,  Niall




Niall from Lanark bought a big bundle from us! He chose the Grey Wave Chenille for his Ercol 3 seater 203 settee, 203 chair and 341 stool. Thanks Niall for your photos and your kind comments. PS. I wish our house was so tidy!


23rd February 2016


Just a note to say the kneeler arrived safely and everyone at the church is delighted with it.  I’d just like to add your customer care has been superb and thanks for your care and consideration.


Revd Peter Bellenes  

Duloe & Herodsfoot

Rev Peter bought the wedding kneeler above, he wanted the emblem embroidering onto the top of the kneeler and a dedication in memory of a parishioner onto the front. The fabric is our Cardinal Wine from Plumbs and the

embroidery is completed in a gold thread. It looks stunning! We are always pleased to hear from our happy customers, thanks for your kind comments.


2nd February 2014

2nd February 2014

Ms K Baillie from Scotland emailed on 2nd February 2014

Just a quick note to say thank you very much for the settle cushion ! It is extremely comfortable and as yet has survived felt tip pens and painting !

Apologies for the delay with the thank you but I have two small people, that's the only excuse I have ! Anyway it looks fantastic as you will see below !

Thank you again, Kindest regards


Ms Baillie asked for a fabric that could withstand all attacks by her two wee children. We have a few fabrics that are both tough & waterproof, now we find they are seemingly stain proof too!


Mrs Caton from Lydbrook, Glos., telephoned on 30th January 2014


Mrs Caton rang to say how pleased she was with her new pew cushion, and especially with the service also.


The pictures above show the pew cushion in a quality terracotta fabric with a gold leaf motif. We dispatched it on 29th January! Thank you Mrs Caton for your kind remarks.


Ms Hamilton from "The Company Presents" emailed on 21st October 2013

Just to let you know that the cushions arrived safely at the end of last week. I'm absolutely delighted with them - they look great and they're so much more comfortable. The service I've had from all of you throughout the measuring and ordering process has been brilliant and I would happily recommend you to anyone else in need of reviving their sofa.

We asked Ms Hamilton would it be OK to use her kind comments on the website & she replied:----

Not in the slightest K...... - use them wherever you like. Yours is a really great service and people need to know about you (and you can use that bit too!)

Well thank you Ms Hamilton for such praise, we really thrive on it, except we feel sometimes embarassed!

If you need any services for festivals or events, why not try www.thecompanypresents.co.uk



Ms Kozaki from London N19 emailed on 21st June 2013


Dear Safefoam Just to tell you that we are very pleased with the 4.5 inch mattress. I have just made a cover for it and it looks perfect on our Ercol daybed. Please see the attached photo. Thank you so much for your patience and great service. We really appreciate it. Best regards

R & D


We were very pleased to supply this ercol daybed foam only mattress. We agree, the cover & mattress look perfect. Many thanks for your kind comment, & well done with your sewing, we know where to come when we are busy!.


Ms S Heywood wrote to us from Moreton-in- Marsh on 4th June 2013

I just want to say how delighted we are with the settle cushion you made for us recently, and how impressed we are with your efficiency

and high standard of work. It is a real pleasure to deal with a firm such as yours. Wishing you continued success.



Ms D Lester from Beverley in East Yorkshire emailed on 27th April 2013

Just to let you know that we have received the cushions that you re-stuffed for us. They are perfect. Thank you very much for your excellent service.


Denise Lester.

Like a lot of our customers, Ms Lester sent us her cushion covers & we obliged. Many thanks for your kind comments.


Ms Kelly Fisher emailed on 27th April 2013

I'm really pleased with my floor cushions. I think they look great! Feel free to put a photo on your website.

Kind regards,   Kelly


Ms Fisher sent us these fantastic floor cushion covers, we fibre filled them for her. We hardly need to say that they look good......................go on then, they look very good.


Mrs S Dronyk from Wimborne in Dorset emailed on 10th March 2013


Dear Safefoam,

Cushions arrived very quickly, were very good quality and beautiful. Thank you.

S Dronyk



Mr K Pattendon from Herne Bay, Kent, emailed on 8th March 2013


All at Safefoam,

Thanks again for your superb service, this is my second purchas and will not be my last. I ordered my huge floor cushions at 9.15am and by 3.00pm the next day, they had arrived.

In fact it has taken me longer to email my gratitiude to you!

Best Regards

K Pattendon



Mr P Woodhouse from Ilkley emailed on 25th February 2013


Dear Safefoam,

Thanks for the great job you did on our big sofa cushions, and on the strength of that I have put the covers for the seats for our smaller sofa in the post to you today.

  Paul Woodhouse



Miss S Potter from Evesham emailed on 15th February 2013


Hi,   I just wanted to say Thank you it is the 1st time I have used your company and I will definitely use you again, I placed my Order Tuesday 13th Feb late evening, and phoned up your freephone number on the 14th Feb to check when delivery was to go ahead the lady at the other end of the telephone was ever so helpful, and said I would receive delivery on the 15th or if not Monday 18th Feb, and then she called me back to confirm I would receive a text to say when my delivery would go ahead. I received a text on the 15th feb to say my delivery would be with me between 13.07pm and 14.07pm and it arrived at 13.10pm.    

5*  customer service and good quality products.   Miss S M Potter

Massive Floor Cushion 36 x 36 inches  Royal Blue

Miss Potter bought a Royal Blue floor cushion as above. Thank you for your kind comments!


Mrs Davies from Isle of Man emailed on 2nd December 2012

Just a quick line to let you know that I have now received the mattress and cover and everything is fine with the order - very pleased with the product!

 Thanks for all your help - I shall be buying more from Safefoam in the future :) Hope you and your family have a very happy Christmas, Regards,

Heather - Isle of Man


Mr G Martyn from London E16 emailed on 23rd October 2012



 Many thanks for a quick delivery and I'm really impressed with the quality of the product, surpassed what I expected for such a reasonable price. 

 Best Regards



Massive Floor Cushion 36 x 36 inches  Copper Cush

Mr Martyn wanted the covers only for some of our Copper Cush floor cushions. No Problem!

Ms Thursby from London SE15 emailed on 2nd October 2012


Dear Safefoam,

The cushions are seriously great. Really well made and you lined up the pattern perfectly which I would have never thought to do. They fit the chair exactly and are really comfy to sit on. I was really delighted! Thank you.

Kind regards



Ms Thursby wanted us to makes two cushions for her Ercol 203 chair. She also wanted them covering in Dandelion Clocks by Sanderson. There was a little fabric left so a scatter cushion was added to the order.

Rebecca & Jon from Dyfed emailed on 25th August 2012

Cushions arrived today - most impressed with service. Many thanks Kind Regards Rebecca & Jon

Rebecca & Jon wanted 4 of the floor cushion fillers only. We got them thete double fast.


Mrs Fox from West Yorkshire emailed on 29th August 2012

Dear Safefoam,

I have just received the two jigsaw pattern floor cushions I ordered for my son's new playroom. They look and feel really good - great quality and lots of stuffing to make them really plump!

Thanks very much,

Mrs S Fox


Mrs Fox bought 2 of the 27x27 Jigsaw Pattern floor cushions, only £17.99, top value.


Mrs McGavin from Devon rang on 18th July 2012

Mrs McGavin said just how great her new fold away mattresses looked.

Mrs McGavin bought 2 Maxi Foldaway specials (made with Asia red fabric throughout instead of the usual mattress finish), and 2 normal 25x25's with a beige cover. She also purchased 4 fitted sheets.


Ms Bush from Bath rang on 13th June 2012

Ms Bush rang to say thank you and to say just how well the new foam cushions fitted her Ercol 203 chair.

Ms Bush told us she had an Ercol 203 easy chair, we told her that if she was sure it was that model number then we could just send her the foams.

She chose our lowest cost foam and is pleased with it. The whole job was done for well under £60.00


St Alfege Church Greenwich, made us aware of their publication 28th May 2012

Please go to their link here http://www.st-alfege.org/news/69-st-alfeges-new-pew-and-altar-cushions

We were delighted to be chosen by this prestigeous church and pleased to do the job so quickly. Our delivery driver reported that all at the church were truly welcoming and appreciative. He also visited The Cutty Sark,

we took off an hour's pay for that!


Mrs Clark from Chesham, Bucks rang on 19th May 2012

Mrs Clark rang to order a king size overlay mattress and in addition thanked us for the made to measure mattress we had recently produced for her grandchild's cot.

Mrs Clark first bought from us in 1999! She has continued being a good customer since then.


Ms Rachel Harrison from Houghton le Spring emailed 17th May 2012


I have just received our new floor cushions and I am thrilled with them! They look great here in our school library and look really good quality. I was also really surprised they got here so fast, excellent service! 

Thanks again


Ms Harrison sent her school purchase order for 3 of our Black Leather look floor cushions on 14th May & we dispatched them on the 16th.


Ms Clare Fisher from Orpington emailed 15th May 2012


Thank you so much for the cushions.  They are absolutely ideal - great quality and a fantastically quick service.

Thank you

Clare Fisher

Ms Fisher ordered 10 of our Multicoloured jigsaw floor cushions on 9th May & we dispatched them same day.


Ms Hawley from Crouch End emailed 27th April 2012

Thanks very much for the foam, perfect fit and speedy delivery - no sooner through the door than it's on the bench and looking great!!

We made this bench foam seat with a calico cover. Ms Hawley did her own patchwork magic on it................




Ms Peters from RCA London emailed 19th April 2012

I have received all the cushions now, they look great and I'm really

happy with them!

We made the covers out of Ms Peter's own fabric & used our own patterns to produce the foam seating. The above Ercol are 203 2 seater and chair.


Mrs Kelly from Cornwall emailed again on 20th February 2012

Out of interest, the other company I contacted at the same time as I originally sent the email to you (who is based about 10 miles away) eventually replied  last night.

Again, many thanks.

Kind regards.

Lynda Kelly


Mrs Kelly from Cornwall emailed on 18th February 2012

Good morning !

 I would just like to thank you for your extremely prompt actioning of my order for replacement cushions, they fit perfectly. 

 We spoke on Monday, I increased the order on Tuesday and they were delivered on Friday. Excellent.

 Kind regards.

Lynda Kelly

We made Mrs Kelly some Parker Knoll replacement cushions. PK720 Mark III is a very popular order & we do lots of them, we thank her for such kind comments.


Mrs Searle from Fareham rang on 13th February 2012

We made her a special mattress for under her settee cushions to boost the height a little. We also covered it in a matching chocolate fabric.

She and her husband are very pleased with it, giving them more support and comfort.


Rev G John Burrell wrote on 9th February 2012


Dear Safefoam,

Eveyone is delighted with the pew cushions. They fit so well, and are very comfortable and enhance the beauty of the place.

We delivered to a church in Benson, Oxfordshire a couple of weeks ago. See further details in Pews News on front page.


Keith & Barbara, Blackburn on 15th January 2012.....email arrived earlier, some further pictures the editor forgot!


Dear Safefoam,

After our first outing with our new homebuild motorhome I want to tell you just how pleased we are with the seating that we bought from you. They look beautiful and they are so comfortable when they are made into our bed. The colour way that you came up with was quite inspired, the contrast between the dark blue and the light is beautiful and fits the van colour scheme perfectly, the ingenious way that the colours are banded around the cushions is very clever it gives us the ability to have four different looks. Every one who sees it is impressed and I recommend Safefoam to them all. Thank you for a very friendly, speedy and professional service. Keith and Barbara


We worked closely with Barbara and Keith. By using two shades of blue for the cushions it presents optional choices for presentation. We were delighted that they are so pleased.