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Boat Cushions

Boat Cushions

Pile of three cushions from one side of boat.(Portside)Layed out as per on the boat.Closer view.See those complicated shapes.Closer view.

Boat Cushions

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Mattresses with or without Covers, for Hostels, etc..

Bespoke Items are shown without price. Available are Marine Mattresses, Caravan & Motor Caravan Mattresses as well as our popular Mountain Mattresses.
Please contact us for a free quotation.

Below can be seen some intricate boat cushions we make. Boat Cushions are usually more complicated than normal mattresses. The cushions shown follow two curves, the outline of the boat plus the shape of the hull.

We make them with or without covers. The covers can be made like the ones below, or in a splashproof cover.