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Ercol Webbing Straps, get only the best.

Ercol Webbing Straps, get only the best.

Ercol Webbing Straps, get only the best.Ercol 427 strapsErcol 252 strapsErcol Daybed strapsErcol 3 seater 203

Ercol Webbing Straps, get only the best.

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Are you refurbishing your Ercol chair or settee & does it need re-webbing ?

Here's a Safefoam secret:-

We could easily sell Ercol webbing and pretend that we make it ourselves.
But the truth is we'd be buying it from Skiddaw & re-selling it for a lot more money.
Do yourself a big favour, don't go anywhere else for Ercol webbing, Skiddaw makes & sells the best.

Please visit them at this link:--- https://skiddawupholstery.co.uk for more information.

Here's a Safefoam non secret:-

Ercol furniture frame designers are among the best in the world. Concerning steam bending hardwood timber, they must be the very best. In addition, when it came to fitting webbing support straps, they developed a unique system, which guarantees the correct same tension on each of the straps.
Normal webbing is usually pulled tight & stapled in place. This means that each strap depends on the individual upholsterer's estimation of what makes for correct support!
Ercol webbing is cut to exactly the correct length and then at each end a loop is created, using special rivets. The furniture frame itself has machined slots through which the web loops are pushed and are then held in place with short hardwood dowels.

We are often asked if we do Pirelli webbing for Ercol furniture. All we can say is that only the very best Ercol webbing comes from Skiddaw Upholstery. See above for contact details.
They are the leading experts on Ercol Webbing Straps using only authentic Pirelli materials, and will also give you the the best prices in Britain, we use them for all of our Ercol models.