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Massive Floor Cushion 36 x 36 inches Filler only

Massive Floor Cushion 36 x 36 inches Filler only

Sumptuously Comfortable! Massive one yard square.  See how thick and supportive the quality filler is. The channel and panel are clearly seen.One customer swears by our leather look floor cushion for Barney's Bed. Barney is a big black lab, and he likes it too. She wipes it down daily with a squirt on cleaner. Job done! (Cushion not dog).

Massive Floor Cushion 36 x 36 inches Filler only

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Our Price: 39.99
Huge, comfy & practical. Fulfilled with top quality fibre. You may want to make your own cushion covers, these fillers are as good as they get! They will also push nicely into your existing big covers off modern settees.
The cushion is channelled and panelled. Each channel contains approximately 700 grams of fibre, The channelling helps prevent movement of fibre inside the cover, and also reduces the need of constant plumping up.
There is a 4 inch border around the whole cushion to help maintain the "full fill" appearance and comfort.

Cushions of this quality can be seen elsewhere on the web for over £50

We have a problem with transport on these low cost items. If you wish to purchase more than one item, please ring for a much better price.

Dimensions: 36 x 36 inches