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Ercol Single Bed

At first glance the Ercol Single Bed appears to be an Ercol Daybed. However the bed head end is much higher and the mattress is considerably wider.

Ercol Single Bed

Ercol Single Bed A good quality foam.Ercol Single Bed Stockinette makes it easier to put on or take off the coverErcol Single Bed Ercol Single Bed Ercol Single Bed Ercol Single Bed Ercol Single Bed

Ercol Single Bed

Ercol Single Bed

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Our Price: 279.00
Dimensions of Mattress: 75.5 x 35 x 5 inches As seen above.

In this our Very Best Quality Reflex Foam, the mattress comes off a CNC machine (guided by computer) thus making all the corners very smooth and all identical. We use only good quality foams but the best is Reflex by Vitafoam. All of our mattresses come with free stockinette which makes it easier to put on and take off the cover.

This Ercol Single Bed Mattress is super comfortable and will fit various Ercol Single Bed models, including the 358, 357 and the very rare 356 model which has a detachable Elm headboard.

This price includes a top cover in a fabric of your choice, please contact us on 01254 207827 to let us know your fabric choice.

You might also want to add to your order by purchasing extra bolsters and scatters they look great!

Please ask for all the details.

If you would like to purchase the foam only for the single bed, the
Internet Price is only £189.00.
Please note that the price is for foam only at 5 inches thick in a very good quality foam!

Please call us on 01254 207827 to place your order for foam only

We can also supply them with an almost unlimited choice of covers. Or indeed we can cover them with the customer`s own fabric.
Picture shows a complete set we did for a customer recently.

Why not phone us free for further details. 0800 015 44 33

or by email see "Contact Us" on top line

This price in an Internet Only bargain buy.

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