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Theatre Cushions Made to Measure

Theatre Cushions Made to Measure

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Theatre Cushions Made to Measure

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Cushions and Covers for Special Venues.

For Bespoke Cushions of this nature the price varies depending on foam and fabric choice.
Please ask for Free Quotation.

In 2004 we provided the Globe Theatre with over 500 top quality foam cushions, covered in a durable Mulberry coloured cotton fabric, chosen by The Globe from our vast range of fabrics.
We have supplied different theatres throughout Britain with a variety of cushions and seating. The Globe needed over 500 cushions covered in a fabric chosen from our vast range. Our white van (pictured above outside the magnificent Globe Theatre) arrived on a beautiful sunny day to deliver the goods.
At only 2 inches thick, it is important to use quality foam to prevent bottoming out. The foam used for The Globe Theatre cushions is our 5 star foam.