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Maxi Straight Squeeze - Body Pillow

Maxi Straight Squeeze - Body Pillow

The Maxi is like the old fashioned bolster pillow, currently making a come back! It really aids and supports. It gives comfort in so many places. 15th February. Our model was due within 4 weeks and already regularly used the Maxi. See how she has curled it under her head? Her knee & pelvis are also given support. There are so many different ways to use it.The Happy Body Pillow Family: The three models are sisters & two of the three were pregnant at the time of the photograph. The littl`n is daughter to one of the sisters!

Maxi Straight Squeeze - Body Pillow

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Our Price: 19.50
Our lower cost Body Pillow is the STRAIGHT SQUEEZE. Its just like an old fashioned bolster and lower priced than the C4Cuddles.
Dimensions Approx 54 inches long x 15 inches wide.

The Maxi Squeeze Body Pillow comes complete with a FREE washable polycotton cover, worth £9.50.

It is a valuable sleeping aid, designed to satisfy a wide variety of needs. The straight squeeze MAXI was originally designed as a pregnancy aid, and though is has a simple straight shape, it gives many different options on support for the MUM2B.

Can give support and extra comfort to the disabled, elderly or bedridden. Can help ease bedsores by giving localised support where needed.

We got a message from a customer suffering a painful chest cavity tumour:-

"Dear Safefoam,

I wanted to let you know that I am delighted with my Maxi "body pillow". I have a tumour in my chest cavity and it is just what I needed to get me into a comfortable position in bed. I had spent months searching for something similar on OT supplies websites etc, and drawn a complete blank. And for some reason Googling on "pillow" and "cushion" does not bring up your website (or at least nowhere near the top of the list) - only when I used "foam" as the keyword did I find you!
As you suggest on your website, the only problem is that the kids want to steal it from me...

Best wishes,
Jos Kingston"

We are all delighted here at Safefoam that some relief has been achieved by Ms Kingston.

Ideal gift for children and grownups alike.