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Body Pillow - C4 Cuddles

Body Pillow - C4 Cuddles

Our model was truly pregnant at the time of the photograph, baby due in March. Yes we will let you know! She has been using a Maxi Squeeze until today! She says the c4c is really comfy.This model is the sister of the previous, and is also pregnant. She also says the c4c is really comfy. We think she fell asleep during the arduous photo shoot! See below for picture of her baby.Body Pillow - C4 CuddlesBaby Jessie arrive at last, 8 days late & 8lbs 15oz. Just like daddy. The looks, not the late or the weight.Baby Frazer arrived 26th August & weighed 7lbs exactly. Mother & Baby both very well.

Body Pillow - C4 Cuddles

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Our Price: 29.50
Top quality pregnancy aid

An outstanding Pregnancy Pillow with Free Polycotton Cover
Our more luxurious Body Pillow has a futuristic design introduced by customer demand. Its large C shape allows the MUM2B special comfort, just where and when she needs it the most.This popular maternity aid was first introduced in USA, and now has spread throughout Britain. The most comprehensive and best selling of our pregnancy pillows. A pregnancy pillow with such versatility, and offering so many options to comfort,will definately help overcome the discomfort, you will wonder how you ever managed before.

C4Cuddles ...gives amazing versatility in providing comfort and relaxation.

All MUMS2B will benefit by maintaining a relaxed sleep pattern. Less aches and pains. Less tossing and turning.

Comes with a FREE washable polycotton cover worth £11.50.

Baby comes with lots of love.