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Memory Foam Mattresses

Our Memory Foam Premium Range of Mattresses is a perfect combination of Memory Foam & Reflex Foam, supplied by Vitafoam, Britain`s biggest foam producer. Safefoam`s Premium Range of Memory Foam Mattresses is a blend of the two best foams available in Britain. The Premium 2000 is designed for average weights of up to 13 stones.(see below). The two foams together give a supportive combination for the mattress, which helps in the relief of pressure in the usual areas of bed sores, heels,hips & lower back. If you have aching bones, joints, tendons or muscles then our Premium Range will be the start of your recovery. Not only is the foam top grade, but each mattress, & pillow is covered in a Coolmax two way stretch fabric which allows the Memory Foam to give a body cradling effect and mould perfectly to your own individual curves, as you lie or sit on it. Coolmax Covers prevent overheating, a problem often associated with memory foam. User Comfort Tips Up to 13 stones Premium 2000 13 stones to 18 stones Premium 3000 Over 18 stones Premium 4000