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Laptop Hideaway

Who would know where your laptop is?

4Fold Foldaway for Computer Safekeeping (Grey)

4Fold Foldaway for Computer Safekeeping (Grey)Minimalist living here, sitting on a comfy cushion on the floor & firing away with all those good ideas on your laptop! But of course can be used from a footstool or chair.When you want to hide the laptop in safety, simply close up the computer & fold down the top cushion. It`s as quick as that! Now this is real Karma time. Relax, meditate gracefully. Your good work is done, & who would know that under there is your valuable laptop!Then when it is time for a sleep, simly unfold the four cushions, Put on a fitted sheet, and sleep in peace. We can also supply Fitted Sheet, Pillow & Pillow Case. The whole lot!The coffee table can be used for so many things when you add our stainless steel clip. Seen above next to our Cubic Kangaroo, also with stainless steel clip. Extra Karma. Extra Peace.4Fold Foldaway for Computer Safekeeping (Grey)4Fold Foldaway for Computer Safekeeping (Grey)

4Fold Foldaway for Computer Safekeeping (Grey)

4Fold Foldaway for Computer Safekeeping (Grey)

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Our Price: 89.95
Dimensions: 76in x 25 x 4

Our Quickest Simple Sleepover Solution.

Our 4fold Computer Safekeeper is a very versatile & low cost solution to a variety of problems in many modern homes. Worried about leaving out your laptop? Need somewhere quick & safe to keep it? Somewhere no-one needs to know about? It also turns into a useful Coffee Table or if you have an unexpected guest, then in a jiffy it becomes a mattress. One of the children having somebody to sleep over? Perfect solution!

Once she gets working on the laptop,our supermodel is difficult to shift.

Our 4fold can be used in so many ways, there seems to be no limit! Also, of all of our foldaways, this is lightning fast. No cover to remove, simply unfold the coffee table straight into a mattress. Colour? You name it, we have it. Try us, by phone or email. freephone 0800 015 44 33 for free fabric samples.

To date this particular product is probably our most versatile of all.