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Customer Comments prior to 2012



Marlow Theatre, Canterbury, on 5th December 2011.......


They arrived in time are and perfect, thank you.


We promised the 50 cushions would be ready on time to secure the order....... We delivered within 7 days of receipt of order!

Ms J Clarke emailed from South Woodford, on 16th November 2011.......

They look beautiful!


(picture below)

Ms Clark sent us her own fabric purchased from Hus & Hem for her Ercol 2 seater cushion above. With the leftover fabric we made two scatter cushions.


Ms Mills emailed from Southamton, on 19th Sept 2011.......

You covered this ercol 203 chair cushions for us a few weeks ago and I promised to send some photos which you are welcome to use on your web site if you would like to.

 We are really pleased with the cushions and with the service we received from you - particularly from Keri who contacted us several times to check on things and let us know what was happening. Thank you very much. 

Lisa Mills

(pictures from customer below)

Ms Mills sent us her own Designer Guild fabric to fulfill this order. We were very pleased with customer comments. We do lots of Ercol replacement cushions.



Ms Best emailed from Sittingbourne, Kent, on 8th Sept 2011.......

Hello all.  Just a quick note to say that my window seat cushion arrived safely yesterday and I'm thrilled with the result.  I know it wasn't easy, but you've done a great job and it looks fantastic now the seat is in place and completes the look of the window.

Thank you so much for your help along the way. 

Christine (picture from customer below)

Ms Best sent us the cover of the window seat above. It is a large cushion with curved back, and 5 inches thick. We were very pleased with customer comments.


Ms Dickson emailed from Colwyn Bay, on 21st July 2011.......


Just to say that we received the Bongo roof mattress today and are delighted with it; it’s really comfortable and fits the space perfectly.  We are really grateful that you were able to deliver it so quickly and were very impressed with your customer service.  Thanks very much,

Best Wishes, Kate


Ms Dickson needed a Bongo Roof Mattress in time for holidays, we got one out to her in plenty of time. We appreciate her kind words. We've sold 4 of them this week!

Ms JCM emailed from Boroughbridge, on 16th June 2011.......

Just to say how delighted we are with our new fold-away beds and how impressed we have been with your customer service, delivery speed and quality of the products.  The two fold-away beds are extremely comfortable and excellent value for money. I would have no hesitation in recommending your company to family and friends.

Kind regards


Ms JCM bought two of our very special offer 24 x 24 x 4      3 fold foldaways which make into a 72 x 24 x 4 mattress.


Keith & Barbara emailed from Blackburn, on 28th May 2011.......

Dear Safefoam,


After our first outing with our new homebuild motorhome I want to tell you just how pleased we are with the seating we bought from you. I have attached some photo's of them in situ so you can appreciate how good they look, but you will have to take our word for just how comfortable they are when made into our bed. The colour way that you came up with was quite inspired, the contrast between the dark blue and the light is beautiful and fits the van colour scheme perfectly, the ingenious way that the colours are banded around the cushions is very clever it gives us the ability to have four different looks. Every one who sees it is impressed and I recommend Safefoam to them all. Thank you for a very friendly, speedy and professional service.               Keith and Barbara [Blackburn]


Keith & Barbara's cushions were made to have optional colour variations of the covers. We thank them both for their kind comments and their good pictures.



Ms M Crush emailed from Devon, on 2nd March 2011.......

Thank you very much, cushion arrived just as described, particularly impressed by phone call prior to delivery checking delivery instruction.   Other online shops could learn a lot from your customer service. M Crush.

Ms Crush ordered a floor cushion.

Mrs M Tower emailed from Reading, on 1st March 2011.......

I recently purchased 4 large floor cushions from you. Just to let you know they are fabulous. Perfect for what we needed and we are delighted with them. Your delivery system was quick and efficient too, so many, many thanks. I hope to be able to buy some more in the future!

Margaret Tower


Mr G Turner emailed from Chorley, Lancs, on 13th February 2011.......

Hi to everyone at Safefoam

Just a line or two to let you know how delighted my wife and I are with our new refilled sofa seat cushions purchased January 2011.
They maintain their shape and make the cushions look brand new...what a difference it makes...Later this year I plan to return to you and have the sofa back cushions done.
We have told our friends and work colleagues how delighted we are.
Many thanks for great service and an excellent product.

Gordon Turner

Mr Cogan emailed from Andover, on 14th January 2011.......

Just to let you know the cushion arrived today and it's great, thank you very much!!!

Mr Cogan emailed us on the 4th Jan asking about having a pew cushion made, we sent him some red fabric samples and a quote for his made to measure size. He chose his type of foam and fabric, agreed to the price, and there you go all done and dusted within just a few days ....

Mrs P Robinson emailed from West Sussex, on 1st December.......

Just a note to say I am delighted with the three floor cousins I ordered from you on Saturday 27th November 2010 they are everything I expected including a fast 3 day turn around delivered today midday, you are a credit to internet trading  thank you     Mrs P Robinson


Mrs Robinson bought two Brown Jacquard and one Green Diamond floor cushions.......


Mr I Thomason emailed from Sth Manchester, on 4th October.......


To Safefoam
Thanks for the cushions they fit perfect and look great as you will see from the photographs attached

Mr Thomason had a Gazebo built (& very nice it is too) but preferred our quality made to measure cushions to the ones offered by the manufacturer.......


Mr Sam Bailey emailed from Exmouth in Devon, on 30th September.......

Great service, very cheap for size. Will use again!

We delivered 4 Floor Cushions in our 4 square Denim on 30th September. Lo and behold, he ordered two more today! 1st October 2010.


Ms Stella Hopkins emailed from Hythe in Kent, on 18th June.......

Many thanks for your excellent service!  We received the cushion covers and the beige goes perfectly with our new decor!  Thanks again for prompt service. Stella Hopkins

We delivered some new covers for 3 fold away beds. Ms Hopkins had previously purchased these and now has had a change of decor. We dispatched the new covers on 17th June 2010.


Pastor Beacham wrote from Langford Evangelical Church, Nth Somerset, on 8th June.......

Thank you. Everyone is very pleased with the new pew cushions.

We delivered them on Saturday 29th May 2010.


Mr Kashmir Johal from Crawley, Essex emailed us on 2nd June.......

He bought a charcoal denim floor cushion and said that he " likes the cushion. It is exactly as descibed, especially
helpful was the closeup of the material and filling to make an online decision.

Thank you.

Mrs Morgan from Swansea emailed us on 27th May........

Hi there, Just a quick note to say that my second batch of cushions have just arrived. Once again they are fantastic.   Best wishes and I look forward to more orders with you.  

V Morgan

Mrs Morgan bought some of our elephant motif scatter cushions


Mrs A Knight from Morayshire emailed us on 15th February ...

Sorry for the long delay in contacting you to say thank you very much for upgrading my order for the 2 cushions (October 2009)  - they are excellent and I am very pleased with the result.  The sofa is now comfortable once again.

Regards, Mrs Anne Knight, Moray


Ms Hughes from Bedfordshire emailed us on 10th January 2010 ...

Dear Sirs,

I am writing to thank you for such a prompt and professional service.  I enquired about the floor cushions leading up to Christmas and received them about 3 days later!

I would have no hesitation in recommending your company to others.


Helen Hughes


Ms C New from West Midlands emailed us on 4th December 2009 ...

Many thanks for the super fast delivery ordered Wednesday received Thursday.



Ms C New ordered two special offer cushions (as above) one day and received them the next. See them here



Mr C Maws from Jersey emailed us on 24th November ...

For interest, I enclose a couple of photos of the seat you can see how they fitted in the seat - really lovely. Feel free to post them on the website! I'm very happy indeed with the result.


Mr Maws contacted us intending to order window seats for all of the house. First of all we made him the one above. Now he has gone ahead and ordered 4 more sets.

Mr R Ward from Didcot in Oxfordshire, 1st October, emailed us and said...

Excellent. Thanks.

Above....... Before


Mr Ward contacted us around mid September having decided to have a new approach to his built in sofa. He chose to have one single seat and a single back, to replace the previous arrangement of 3 seats and 3 backs. The length is same as a single bed. He also added one of our footstools in a matching fabric. Mr Ward kindly supplied all the photographs.

Mrs P Drew from Cornwall, 14th September, emailed us and said...

Just to let you know that the cushions and pouffee cover arrived today and I am very pleased with them. They look great as you can see from the photo.

They fit perfectly and are very comfortable.

Thank you for all your help in sorting this out for me

Mrs P Drew.

Mrs Drew contacted us a week or two before and asked for help with her wooden framed settee. She wanted to change from a futon bed settee to a more traditional one. She sent images and measuements and eventually selected the appropriate foam and fabric and placed her order. A short while later she was sitting comfortably! See the quality of the fabric and the piping.......

Mrs A Rodgers from London, 5th August emailed us and said...

Hi there
 I recently purchased 6 massive floor cushions for my husband's launch party for his new business. We had the logos colours match the cushions to create a theme throughout the party. I was amazed with the quality and price, I really did not understand how the cushions could be as big as they were for the price that was charged!  We had many people comment on how fun the party was, and I know it was down to the tent we had with the floor cushions for people to sit on ground and relax on. I have mentioned to many people where we got the cushions from! I would not hesitate to buy other things for our house when the need arises! 
Yours sincerely
Anna Rodgers London

Two of the six were in our bright "Lime Time" fabric, you may like to look at them

Mrs R Scott from Poole, Dorset 5th August we received a most gratifying letter...

The letter refers to a delivery of new pew cushions to Poole Parish Church., you may like to look at them


Ms B Davies from Beckenham, 3rd August emailed us and said...

My cushion arrived this morning and is perfect.  Thanks you so much for your help and advice and the thoroughly professional service I have received.

We made a replacement cushion for a PK720. (Parker Knoll easy chair) Ms Davies chose the best Reflex foam, a comfy fibre wrap, and finished off with a robust calico cover, all for around £50....................


Mr Snelson from Denbighshire, 31st July emailed us and said...

Cushions arrived safely today and are 'just the job'.
Many thanks for your help, advice and prompt service.

We'd made very big settee cushions for Mr Snelson's covers.


Mrs McDermott from Falkirk, 30th June rang us and said...

At their church flower festival (Muiravon church of Scotland) lots of visitors had commented on the attractive pew cushions we supplied in March this year.

Emma Strachan from SW1, 24th June emailed us and said...

Just to say the cushions/covers are lovely.  Please thank the person who made them for me, they look and fit just right.   Thanks EMMA

We'd made some pew cushions and Ms Strachan sent her own fabric for us the make the covers. She kindly sent a picture from her Blackberry, see below.


Mr G Quelch from SE5, 19th June emailed us and said...

I have to be honest and say that when I initially read all the glowing praise on your website, I took most of it with a pinch of salt. However, I can see now that it is all most deservedly true and it has been a pleasure doing business with you. The process has been quick and easy, service has been friendly, honest and reliable, and I am really pleased with my replacement cushions which arrived yesterday as promised.
Thanks to you all.

We asked Mr Quelch for any possible pictures & he replied.

Some snaps attached. They don't actually do it justice, but I'm no photographer!!!
You are welcome to use them however if you think you can.


We made some special settee seat cushions, seen above, and Mr Quelch gave us permission to show this one above. If you like the scatter cushions we have similar ones in four different colours, see

Serena from Dorset, 2nd June emailed us twice and said...

Hi, just received my floor pillow order, thank you very much they are fab!!!  no more argument over sitting on the floor to play games or the wii and somewhere nice for me to sit to do my yoga! Thank you again.

We replied and asked for any possible pictures, here below is what Serena said.

Hi, I have attached a few piccies I took of the floor cushion you asked for. The Purple Applique floor cushion. Hope these are ok, if you want anything specific, just send a mail. They really are fab to sit on!

WIf you like these scatters we made for Serena please ask us for further details. Freephone 0800 015 44 33. We can do any colour, or even your own fabric. If you would like to see further applique products see


Mrs S Golby from Oxfordshire emailed us and said...

Hi, Just want to say how pleased I am with the service you provided
and the completed product. My initial internet search found a number
of companies offering a similar service at comparable prices but I
decided to place my order for replacement cushions with you due to the
helpful response to my telephone enquiries, your promised speed of
service and the positive customer comments on your website. It proved
to be a good judgement and I would like to add to those positive
comments! My cushion covers arrived with you at the end of one week
and I had them back by 8.30am the following Tuesday! We are now
sitting comfortably again and will be sending the covers off the other
sofa in the near future!

It is so refreshing to find a business with a personal touch and a
clear desire to please the customer and provide an excellent service.
I hope you prove to be 'credit crunch' resilient - you deserve to be.
If people have any sense they'll look at refilling the cushions on the
existing sofa instead of buying a new one which no doubt will have
poor quality fillings in the cushions which will flatten and be awful
in no time - even if they paid a lot for it!

Thank you and best wishes,
S Golby.

Ms J Balls from Aldeburgh, Suffolk wrote in and said...

Dear "All at Safefoam",

Thank you very much for filling my very awkward dining chair cushions- we can now see over the top of the table!

And, thank you for also being so prompt, this is so rare in this "day and age".

Mrs H  from Barford, Warwick, 15th March 2009 wrote in and said...

Thankyou for the cushions received on Friday 11 March - I am absolutely delighted with the result they look great.


Ms L Brown from Milford emailed in and said...

Hi,   Just to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for the very speedy delivery of the pillow I ordered - placed on Thursday evening - received this morning! I am impressed! Left a message on your answerphone Friday p.m. to see when I might receive it - please ignore message!!

Mrs Cope from York wrote in and said...

"Dear Safefoam, I am writing to tell you how pleased we are with the foam cushions received last Friday. Thank you for your prompt attention, I will certainly recommend you. Best wishes......"

Mrs Fisher, Newton Abbot telephoned in and said...

"I phoned for your brochure last Monday which arrived on Tuesday. I posted off an order for two of your booster cushions (18 x 18 x 3) and they arrived on Saturday. I'm ringing to say how pleased & surprised I am to get such good service. Thank you very much."

Mr Potts, West Glamorgan said...

"My wife and I would like to thank all concerned. It is everything you claim it to be, we are very satisfied with the excellent quality. If we should need anything in the future, we will not hesitate to order. Sincerely thanking you once again"

Mrs Greene, Maidenhead said...

"I would like to offer my thanks and gratitude to all the staff involved in forwarding the quotation and in executing the order for two armchair cushions, so quickly. Thy really are a comfort to sit on compared to our old 'softies'"

Mrs Fish, Somerset said...

"I have just received my order, I felt I must write to you and tell you how pleased I am with the service which was very fast and the quality of the cushions and also the packaging. Thankyou"

Mrs Langley, Colchester said...

"My order wasn't for a large amount ,yet the courtesy we received from your firm and staff deserves recommendation. Thankyou from a very satisfied customer"

Mrs Daniel, Leeds said...

"The replacement cushion has arrived and is installed on our sofa. To our great satisfaction, the whole suite now looks completely rejuvenated. Thankyou for a very prompt reply"

Mrs Mathews, Kettering said...

"I am writing to say how pleased we are with the Safefoam cushions. they are really lovely"

Mrs Jackson, Ascot said...

"I thought you would like to know how I was getting on. It has made a terrific difference. I am so glad I took your advice and ordered that particular one, thankyou very much"

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