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Twin - Ortho Wedges

safefoam shop |  Foam for Comfort & Relief

Dimensions: 18x 15x 4

Makes life a bit easier. Very versatile support wedges.

Twin - Ortho Wedges

The Most versatile Support Pillows in the world.

Comfort and Support
Use the Ortho-Wedge for a comfortable read or breakfast in bed. The single or double wedge placed under a pillow gives extra height for those with bronchitis, hypertension and heart problems.

Cushion Booster
If your chair feels too low, fit one or both of the wedges under your cushion to boost height. This will also help you to rise from your chair.

Pain Control
Correctly used, the Ortho-Wedge can relieve pain in the knees, hips lower back and even swollen ankles. Also gives satisfying relief to Edema (water retention) sufferers. Use it to elevate the upper body and to ease varicose and circulatory problems.

Perfect Posture with Ortho-Wedge
Use both wedges for a firm and stable back support and to enable you to sit upright. This reduces the pressure on the spine, relieving muscle tension and increasing circulation.

Practical Uses For All The Family
Perfect for the elderly, but kids love it too – it is a backrest for them as they watch T.V. Ideal for car drivers – it gives them a higher and more comfortable position with better overall vision. Pregnant ladies love it too.

Ortho wedge is a quality product guaranteed never to sag and is made of the highest quality flame retardant foam.

Money Back Guarantee
Once you’ve enjoyed the comfort it creates you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it. We`re so confident you`ll agree that we promise to refund your money in full if your not absolutely delighted and return the product in a re-sale condition in original packaging within 21 days

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Our Price: 12.99
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